Powerful Dua For Attract Someone Toward You [100% Proof]

Dua for attract someone toward you


Aslam Walikum to All Dear brother and sister, Today’s topic is exciting. In This article, we will tell you Powerful Wazifa and Dua for attract someone towards you. So read this article carefully and don’t miss any part of this article if you want to attract someone.

Have you fallen in love? And they not know you exist? Do you want them to notice you? Do you wish for them to be attracted to you the same way you are?

You have come to the right place! We will provide you with the best Dua for attract someone. Only Allah SWT can change hearts, so lay your hands in front of him and pray.

Do not worry. It is usual for people to feel attracted to a person. Girls and boys are bound to be attracted to the opposite gender. However, when you feel drawn towards someone, you tend to try and do lots of things to get their attention, and maybe you think it is impossible, do not worry, this article is just for you!

Islamic Dua for attracting someone is a powerful and successful ritual. It will indeed create love in that person’s heart. Only Allah SWT can change the matters of the heart. However, it is vital that you also control your emotions and actions, approach this slowly and have patience and pure intentions. You will receive victory.

Sometimes, a wife or husband, either of the two, may find their marriage is falling apart, and they want attention, i.e. to attract their partner. So, This article is for anyone, whether you’re married, in a relationship, or neither.

Some Recommendations about Dua for attract someone –

  1. Make sure you are regularly praying.
  2. Always make ablution when performing Dua.
  3. Wear clean clothes, and pray, make dua in a clean place.
  4. Have pure intentions and faith in Allah SWT 
  5. Girls are not allowed to do this ritual in their Menstruation.

Here is Dua for attract someone in the following steps –

  • Read Surah Naas 101 times.
  • Then recite this Dua “Iihum Ruksaar Nigham e Noor” × 2566 times.
  • Write the name of that person whom you want to attract on a piece of paper.
  • Blow on that piece of paper.
  • Then bury the form under the soil.
  • Take some dirt from the place where you have planted the paper.
  • Then throw mud outside your house.

Dua for attract someone

Make sure you do this ritual for four days straight and make dua to Allah SWT for that person’s attraction towards you, and Insha-Allah, you will see a difference in their behaviour. If you need any help and want immediate effects without this ritual, contact our Molana Ashif Ali khan.

Some Important Article –

Another Wazifa To Attract Someone Step by Step –

  1. Wake up in the middle of the night.
  2. Go to the washroom and take a shower.
  3. Now, wear neat and clean clothes.
  4. Pray a Tahajjud Salaah, and after the completion of Salaah.
  5. Open Quran and recite Surah Yaseen.
  6. Finally, Make Dua to Allah to attract your partner.

Wazifa To Attract Someone Step by Step

If you need support for these Dua for attract someone or have any questions, contact us. Do not hesitate to contact our Molana Ji for instant and fast results. Sometimes, what you make dua for isn’t enough, and you need someone with much more knowledge and experience to help you.

Frequently asked questions

Is there any Dua to attract my husband?

You can easily attract your husband by reading this Dua AL-A’RAF with this Ayat “Qaala anzirneee ilaa Yawmi yub’asoon”  thrice on the last third part of the Friday night. After that, you will see a significant difference in your husband’s behaviour, and your dua will get accepted.

Is there any Surah to attract my boyfriend again?

Open chapter 20th of Quran Sharif, and you need to recite Surah Ta-Ha ayat no.10, “Wa hal ataaka hadeesu Moosa”. After that, read Darood Sharif thrice and think of your partner with a pure heart. Make dua to Allah to restore the love in your life inshallah your boyfriend will be attracted by you.

Can I attract my ex-lover toward me With the help of Dua?

If you genuinely want to attract your ex-lover towards you, recite this Dua Ikhlas verse 1 to 15 with two rakt nafl at the time Between Adhan and Iqamah. If you make dua at the right time with true intention, your dua will get accepted very soon.

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  1. My lover was madly in love with me but after year now he still love me but now I feel a kind of distance ..kindly help me out i want the old him


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