Dua for someone who is lost

Dua for someone who is lost

Dua for missing person in Islam

It is such a depressing and isolating feeling to realize that someone who was near and dear to you has lost his way of life. Dua for someone who is lost Perhaps the person has physically moved away from you or has become lost. In that case, your life can come to a standstill. You may suddenly feel like there’s no meaning to life anymore. But, don’t worry if you have lost someone, you can once again bring them back in life. If you are wondering how you can do that, then that’s when Wazifa and dua will come to your rescue. Would you like to know how you can perform dau to bring back a lost someone?

Dua for someone who is lost
Dua for someone who is lost

If yes, then keep reading this blog.

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Dua to bring someone back home

Here’s how to perform this dua step by step

  • Create wudu and clean yourself nicely. Do not let any drop of water anywhere on your body.
  • Make sure to keep the photo of the person who is lost in front of you
  • While looking at that photo, recite ‘Ya Illaha Illalah” 541 times
  • Now chant this mantra 485 times.

“Allah Bismillah sharmasa quran walid vaduh toran zinmaya taveri opar kon calma”

  • Now recite Surah 7 times
  • Towards the end, talk to the photo as if you were talking to that person and speak to them nicely. Ask them to return back home.
Continue to do this for at least a month to see the results.

Powerful dua to find lost item

You deserve bond and love

You have to know that no one deserves to be separated from their loved ones. Dua for someone who is lost If your loved one has lost his ways of life ad is no longer in touch with you, you can always turn things around. The important thing is to not lose hope in times of despair and heartache. If you can persevere through these times, you can get past the biggest hurdles in life.

With the blessings of Allah Tallah and your undying faith, you will be able to turn the tides around and in no time, you will find that the person who was lost and was near to you will contact you real soon. That’s the power of Islam and dua and Wazifa.

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Power of Islam and power of Wazifa

Dua and Wazifa are undoubtedly the most powerful tools in anyone’s arsenal that can be used to do wonders. Dua for someone who is lost People have turned their destinies for the good just by following what Islam and the Quran have to say. You will be pleasantly surprised by how making namaaz a part of your life, you can change things for the best.

Not only can you bring the person back in life, you can also get anything that your heart desires. Whether you want to attract the girl or the boy of your dreams or whether you want to get married to it, any and every wish of yours will be granted.

Dua for someone who is lost
Dua for someone who is lost
Dua when something is lost

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