Dua or Wazifa to marry someone of your choice

Dua or Wazifa to marry someone of your choice

Dua to marry someone of your choice

Life is a series of events both small and big. Some of the biggest milestones in life are graduation, first job. Dua or Wazifa to marry someone of your choice first love and of course marriage. Marriage is literally the beginning of a brand new life. You are leaving your previous identity behind and joining hands with your soul mate all the while taking a vow to spend the rest of your lives together.

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This is a monumental decision that should be finalized after much consideration and thought. That is why it is essential to get married to a loved one that you can trust with your heart and soul. But, are you afraid that the person you are in love with won’t agree to marry you? If that is the case then you need to perform Islamic dua.

Dua for getting married to that someone special

Sometimes two people are willing to get married but they face opposition from society. Sometimes the opposition can come from within the families. It is not uncommon for parents to often object to the choice of partner that their son or daughter chose. dua to marry the girl you love They want to finalize the nikah in a family of their own choosing. However, as a person only you know what is best for you. Therefore, if you are confident that a particular person would be best for you, then it goes without saying you need to fight for yourself.

Dua or Wazifa to marry someone of your choice
Dua or Wazifa to marry someone of your choice

That begins with connecting with that almighty Allah and praying for his blessings. Dua or Wazifa to marry someone of your choice After all, everything happens with His wishes. Also, a marriage is incomplete without the blessings of elders particularly parents. Therefore, instead of going against their wishes, you should work on convincing them. And nothing works better in convincing anyone than through the power of prayers and dua. 

How to get married to the person of your choice

It is important to not fall weak if things are not going your away. It could take a while for things to turn around but they will. And so, you just need to maintain a little bit of faith. Believe in the power of dua and trust it with your heart and soul. dua for immediate marriage Most importantly, trust Allah and that he will fix everything. It is also important that you perform Islamic dua and wazifa with regularity. Do not skip even a single day. Dua or Wazifa to marry someone of your choice

Dua or Wazifa to marry someone of your choice
Dua or Wazifa to marry someone of your choice

How you can perform this dua

  • Take a shower and clean yourself. Pay special attention to moisture and make sure there is none
  • Recite Islamic surah at least 11 times
  • Place a cup of water and a sugar cube
  • Sit on namaaz mat and recite ‘waduuz omar Allah ill lahi omni potus volantis solaris tamayah mayantey amin ur adaal”
  • Repeat this at least 351 times
  • Now take a verse from durood Shareef and repeat it 54 times
  • Drink that cup of water and eat that sugar cube
  • Be sure to do this exercise for at least 24 days

Make sure to start performing this dua on a Thursday

In sha Allah your problems will soon begin to fade away. If you are facing opposition from your parents, ask them once again. If that person was unwilling to marry you, ask them once again. Hopefully, your problems will be resolved by now

If you run into any troubles, get in touch with our Molvi Saab and explain your situation. He will further help you

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