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Aslam Walikum My all Dear Brothers Today We share Powerful Dua To Make Wife Obedient yes This dua will make your wife love you and be obedient towards you and return to you. This dua can be sued for the wife to listen to her husband as a quick solution. 

However, it is entirely normal for two people in a relationship, as husband and wife, to disagree. Afterall you are different people with different opinions, and this can sometimes cause nasty arguments at times. 

But sometimes, it may be an instance where your partner just isn’t listening to you and cannot see your point of view or maybe being unreasonable, and therefore, you may feel that they are not considering your feelings and do not care. In cases like this, the husband can be brutal, but sometimes it is the wife. Regarding this article, we are going to focus on the wife rather than the husband. 

For your wife to patiently listen to you and understand your views and points or listen to you, this dua is definitely for you but first, make sure to try solving the issue and then have faith in Allah SWT when reciting this dua that things will get better. Keep your attitude and personal grudges aside while trying to solve this. We share Dua To Make Wife Obedient so keep reading.

Here is Dua to make wife obedient Step by Step –

  • Start by reciting Drood-E-Ibrahim 11 times. 
  • Then recite ‘Ya Waaliyo’ 1000 times.
  • Now Recite Surah Ya-Sin Verse (1-10) Eight Times.
  • Make dua to Allah SWT for your wife to change to become the wife she should be so that your relationship does not break. 

Here is Dua to make wife obedient Step by Step

Do this ritual for 15 days. If you want quick and effective results, then you can contact Molana Ashif Ali Khan. A relationship is nothing without love. Allah SWT has made it obligatory and a sunnah for love to be present in a husband-and-wife relationship. Therefore, love is the center of all relationships, and if you think your wife does not love you or isn’t loving you the way a wife should then follow these steps.

Wazifa to make wife obedient in the following Steps – 

  1. Recite ‘Ya Mughni’ 1000 times every day and see the miracle happen at the mercy of Allah SWT. 
  2. If you want your wife to listen to you, then you should:
  3. Recite ‘Ya-Ar Hamar Rahimeen’ 7 times a day. 

Wazifa to make wife obedient in the following Steps

Allah SWT indeed listens to those in need and understands that you do not wish for your marriage to end and will help you resolve your worries and problems. If you need any help, then you should contact our Molana Ashif Ali Khan.

This Dua To Make Wife Obedient is very powerful and will help your wife behave in a manner that is expected from a wife in Islam. Islamic duas are very powerful and can help you with any trouble you are going through. Just reach out to Allah SWT with a pure heart and see your worries disappear. 

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Dua to make wife listen to you

This dua will help you through anything, even if you think there is a lack of respect in the relationship, believe or know your wife isn’t loyal, or even anything else that could be worrying t you regarding you and your wife’s relationship. This dua is for you! Insha-Allah, you will notice a positive change in your wife and your marriage. 

Remember, the husband needs to be sincere and not in control, and therefore, these duas will only work if the husband sees his faults too and understands that he is also not perfect, so you cannot expect the wife to be perfect either. Just believe that Allah SWT will listen to the worries of your heart. Best yet, recite Surah Yaseen. It is the heart of the Quran and will solve the problems that you have. 


Remember Allah SWT with a pure heart and leave all matters in his hands, Insha-Allah, your wife be yours the way she should be!

Frequently asked questions

Surah to make wife obedient?

Surah Al-Mu’minun is the most effective surah, which will make your wife obedient, and don’t forget to daily dua for your healthy relationship. Allah Paak will solve all your problems and make your bond strong and protect it from evil eyes.

Is there any Ayat to make wife obedient?

To make your wife obedient and listen to you, respectfully recite “Bismillah, Allahumma Jannibna-sh-Shaitan” eleven times with Darood Sharif before sleeping. Remember your wife’s face and make dua to Allah with deep faith.

How to make Taweez to make wife obedient?

Make “Musaddas Taweez,” which has a hexagonal shape, and it should have small squares which have written different surahs and Ayutul Kursi in Arabic. Taweez should be written between the moon date of 15th and 30th.

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