Islamic way To increase breast size

Qurani wazifa for breast enlargement

Breasts are an essential part of womanhood. They are more than just a body organ. Islamic way To increase breast size They also hold a certain symbolic value. For one thing, healthy and well-shaped breasts symbolize youth. They are also a symbol of health. Nicely shaped breasts are suggestive of healthy and reproductive age. Islamic wazifa To increase breast size

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Let’s not forget, adequately shaped breasts also shape your overall personality and they are also a big part of your personality. But, that’s not it. Breasts are also essential for biological functioning as a mother. They tend to provide comfort for the baby and they are also a way for the human body to produce milk for the baby’s growth.

Islamic way To increase breast size
Islamic way To increase breast size

How to increase breast size before marriage

Breasts they haven’t grown properly even after a certain age, can sometimes make one feel less of a woman. breast size barhane ki dua They can sometimes also take a toll on a woman’s health.

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If you are also struggling with self-esteem issues due to poorly developed breasts, then don’t worry. Because, there are ways to make it work. Islamic holds many duas and wazifas that are specifically designed to increase your breast size.

Sometimes a lot of women tend to consume a lot of supplements and try many exercises. But, despite all their efforts, they fail to improve their breast size. chhati badhane ka wazifa If you have also tried all the things but failed to achieve your goal, then you need to turn to Islam.

Islamic way To increase breast size
Islamic way To increase breast size

Wazifa for bigger breast

Your body is a temple. And you need to do everything that you can to ensure good health and good bodily shape. As a woman, your breasts are a big part of your health and your looks. They also define your personality. If your breasts are not adequately shaped, then this dua can prove immensely helpful for you. Islamic way To increase breast size

With the power of this dua, the hormonal system of your body will improve dramatically. Your immune and hormonal system will become better and you will start to notice good changes happening in your body. This islamic dua for bigger breast is the best and powerful dua on the world our molana have 35 years of expreince in this islamic astrology so you don’t waste your time in any where. we muslim people world wide in all our the world. 

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Who can perform this dua

If you are a woman, you can perform this dua. dua to increase breast milk It doesn’t matter your age, anyone can perform it. As long as you are doing it for the good reasons, this dua will work for you. Good breast size is essential for good health as well as for the health of the forthcoming baby.

It’s the way for a new mother to provide nutrition to her baby. Perhaps you are about to get married or maybe you are thinking of having a baby. In that case you can perform this dua.

How to perform it
  • Create an ablution
  • Take any verse from surah at teen and repeat it 400 times
  • Now recite your daily namaaz
  • Keep a cup of water in front of you
  • Now once again repeat the same verse
  • Now recite ‘allah vudoor omar akhtar qufarr zamal abrusii amaruy nolasco
  • Repeat this exercise for at least a month
In addition to that, try to keep your back straight as much as you can because posture influences your hormonal system as well as health.

In Sha Allah, this dua will start to show its magic soon enough.

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  • Assalamuwalaikum
    I want to grow my breast size as early as possible please give me any Quranic ayat for increasing the size of my breast.

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