Istikhara To Get My Girlfriend back


dua to get someone back in your life

Love is a beautiful emotion. Istikhara To Get My Girlfriend back Perhaps you already have a girlfriend but because of some misunderstanding you two ended up separating. Or maybe you never had a girlfriend. But, recently you started developing feelings for a girl. And now you want her to your girlfriend. In any case, sometimes outer efforts and prove futile. Get my love back in 3 days You try your best efforts but nothing seems to be working in terms of getting a girlfriend.

If you can relate with any of those statements, then you need to leave everything in the hands of Allah Tallah. By that we mean, you need to turn to Islamic wazifa and dua that are meant to help people find a girlfriend of their dreams. Do you also want to get a girlfriend or want to get your lost girlfriend back? If yes, then perform the following dua with all your heart and soul 

Istikhara To Get My Girlfriend back
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How to perform this dua

This dua is very simple

  • After you have performed the obligatory namaaz, sit in prayer for additional 10 minutes and recite raktnafl prayer 5 times
  • In the memory of the girl you love, pray to Allah to get you two connected. This will create a spark in her heart.
  • Before going to bed, recite “ Ya Hameed Wal Tahmat Zumoor Sihar Fu” 100 times and drink a glass of water in the memory of Allah tallah.

Do this for a month.

Dua to get a lost girlfriend

Fights in couples are a very common thing. It’s hard to imagine even a single couple that doesn’t fight. Istikhara To Get My Girlfriend back However, if leave a big fight unresolved for too long, it can take an ugly form. powerful dua for lost love Many relationships are ruined because people fail to correct their mistakes or talk about the things that might be bugging them. if because of such misunderstandings, you guys were not able to make it out, it’s now time to regain control of your relationships. If you are determined to get your lost girlfriend back which whom you are broken up, nothing can stop you.

Especially when you connect with Allah Tallah and have complete faith in his powers you can rest assured that your girlfriend will start feeling love for you all over again. That’s the power of Islamic dua and wazifas.

Istikhara To Get My Girlfriend back
Istikhara To Get My Girlfriend back

What to remember

Always remember that your intentions behind wanting to get a girlfriend or get your love back should be pure and harmonious. Some people want to get married to that girl. Istikhara To Get My Girlfriend back If your intentions are also of Nikah, then the dua and istikhara will prove that much more strong and effective.

dua to make someone love you back However, if you want to look for a distraction in life and for that purpose only you are looking for a girlfriend, then there’s no guarantee that this dua will work. It is therefore essential that you make up your mind as to why you want to get a girlfriend before you get started with practicing any dua or wazifa.

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When to contact a molvi saab

It is important that you talk to an experienced and good molvi saab before you implement any kind of advice. There is a ton of advice available everywhere. But you need to be careful in terms of what you pick and choose and what you leave behind. To avoid any confusion and mistakes, you can always talk to our molvi saab. He will guide you in the best possible direction and may even ask you to wear a taweez to expedite the whole process.


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