Salat Istikhara For Love Back How to Do Salat Istikhara


As-salam Alaykum, today we talk about Salat Istikhara For Love Back. Yes, if you want How to Do Salat Istikhara, then you are at the right place. We all make mistakes in life. But, some errors are more grave than others. At times, due to our weaknesses like anger, we break up with the person we love.

We have all heard about stories of Love where two people broke up, but they were never able to get over the other person. How to Do Salat Istikhara If you are also one such person who is missing the Love of your life, then you have come to the right place. Would you like to know how you can win the lost Love back? If yes, then this post is for you.

Here is The Process of Salat Istikhara for Lost love Step by Step – 

Note This – Do this ritual after Fajr Morning Prayer.

  • Clean yourself and sit in the posture of prayer.
  • Perform Salat Ikhlas 5 times.
  • Now recite this Powerful Islamic ishtikhara sal amat timah rakha olgaya simar Allah amar abdul kirah lisam300 times.

Do this regularly for three weeks. If you want immediate effects and need any help, you will contact our Molana Ashif Ali Khan.

Here is The Process of Salat Istikhara for Lost love Step by Step

Islam on Love You all know that Islam is the religion of Peace and Love. It gives an immense and exceptional value to Love. It worships Love and everything that it stands for. Salat Istikhara For Love Back.

That is why you will see that Islam has so many special Duas and Wazifas designed to overcome Love related issues. It talks in detail about how men and women can rekindle that lost spark. It also talks about unique ways to attract the Love of their life and get married to that person.

Is there any dua in Islam to win back someone’s Love?

How to Win Love If you want to achieve anything in life, you should always start believing in that very thing. If that thing is Love, then you should know that you deserve Love. 

Salat Istikhara For Love Back How to Do Salat Istikhara You will be surprised to know that many people spend their whole lives subconsciously believing that they do not deserve Love.

If you want to attract the right people and the right kind of Love in life, you should start with, first of all, with a strong belief that you are worthy of life.

Also Read About This – 

Next, you need to create powerful thoughts for the person you want to get back in life. In this case, it will be your ex-lover. If you’re going to bring them back in your life, then start by repeating that person’s name three times and creating a strong, powerful, and loveful thought about that person. Would you please write down a beautiful message on a piece of paper and dedicate that message to that person?

Get Salat Istikhara For Getting Lost Love

It would help if you did this because it will create a powerful vibration and energy. It will hit that person, and it is bound to make powerful positive energy in that person. Salat Istikhara For Love Back How to Do Salat Istikhara Without knowing why that person will feel like talking to you. This is one of the best ways in which you can attract your ex-lover in life. 

Power of Islamic Ishtikhara for getting the lover back

Countless Muslims have used many powerful Islamic Duas and Wazifas in getting the true Love of their life. If you want to get back with your ex, you need to perform this above Ishtikhara with all your heart and might.

If you do this consistently for three weeks, rest assured you will not need to use any other methods. In no time, you will be connected with the Love of your life. If you have any doubts about performing any Islamic practice, you can always reach out to us.

Click on this Important Note Before Doing Any Dua or Wazifa

Frequently asked questions

What is the Ayat to get your love back?

Before performing anything, keep in mind to have utter faith in Allah almighty. Now recite this Ayat “Rabbi innee lima anzalta ilayya min.” (386) times every day after Isha Nawaz. Also, don’t forget to chant Allah hoo Akbar (111) times each day to get your love back.

Can I perform Salat Istikhara For Love Back by myself?

Yes, you can read How to perform Istikhara step by step. This given method helps you but do it with all the precautions and instructions, but it would be better to take the opinion of Maulana Ji.

I Don’t know how to perform Istikhara. What can I do?

Okay, you don’t have to be worried. You can quickly contact our Maulana Ashif Ali khan by clicking on contact with us on whatsapp. Then he will help you out with your problems in pure Islamic ways. 

Which Dua can help me to get my lost love back?

You can perform this Powerful Dua to get lost love back. Do it with all the precautions and with pure intentions. Also, keep faith in Allah. He will always listen to your prayers, but if you want any help, you can contact our Maulana Ji.

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