The Islamic nuskhe Community runs this website, and we are worldwide. Our primary mission is to help our Muslim Community with any problem. Our Molana Ashif Ali Khan Already assists thousands of people worldwide, and he is still helping our brother and sister.

Who is Molana Ashif Ali Khan?

MOLANA ASHIF ALI KHAN is The Best Islamic Scholar in The World. Also, Suggest Google If you search BEST MAULANA IN THE WORLD. He has 35 Years of Experience in Solving All life problems, and he has solved thousands of cases with his experience. We also Share people’s Sucess stories on our Instagram Account.

What’s the motive of Islamic Nuskhe? 

Our honorable and dear Maulana Ashif Ali Khan Ji has only one motive those who are our beloved Muslim brothers and sisters should be brought on the right path with the help of Quran Pak, and they should be helped in every Way with the use of the Quran Pak.

There are many Islamic websites available on Google. Still, there is no accurate description of any dua, due to which people have a lot of difficulty in doing dua and stipend, but Islamic Nuskhe is the only website where you can get all types of prayers. You will get the analysis of Dua’s in the right way, and if still, you feel any deficiency in it, you can also directly contact our Maulana Ashif Ali Khan. He will help you ultimately in every issue.

Here is we give you some trust points about Islamic Nuskhe:

  1. Islamic nuskhe gives you all dua or Wazifa and Surah in the proper Islamic halal Way.
  2. Islamic nuskhe don’t use any shirk and tell you all duas in a proper step by step method.
  3. Search on google “Best Molana in the world.” Our website Islamicnuskhe.com comes on the top and suggests our Molana Ashif Ali khan top.
  4. You can also check the Islamic nuskhe Instagram Account, where they put people’s success stories.
  5. Molana Ashif Ali khan has 35 Years of experience in Islamic ritual and study. 
  6. Islamic nuskhe are registered, too, and they also have achievements in Islamic Ilm e Al Nujum.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your life’s troubles. Whether you are going through financial troubles or seek guidance on marriage-related issues, we are here to provide the best advice possible. Our Molvi Ji carries years of immense experience with him. We will listen intently to your problem and based on your unique circumstance and situation will tell you exactly which Islamic dua or Wazifa will work best for you.

If you have any doubts or concerns, remember we are just a phone call away. Whether you want to get help related to your own life or you want help for some of your family members, we can help you out in any situation. In the past, thousands of people have sought solutions to their problems all based on Molvi Ji’s guide. You can also be one of those success stories. 

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