8 Benefits of Surah Yaseen Hidden Blessings for Every Muslim


Assalamu alaikum, dear brothers and sisters. Today in this article, we will discuss the Quran’s most essential and effective chapter, Surah Yasin and 8 Benefits of Surah Yaseen.

Surah Yasin is placed at 36th in the Quran and is also known as the heart of the Holy Quran, said by our beloved Prophet Mohammed (SAW):

“Indeed for everything, there is a heart, and the Qur’an’s heart is Ya Sin. Whoever recites Ya Sin, then for its recitation, Allah writes for him that he recited the Qur’an ten times.”

(Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2887)

There are many Surahs in Quran, but Surah Yaseen has a special place because reciting it with genuine intention and devotion can bring many benefits and blessings.

This article will discuss Surah Yasin’s history, meaning, and benefits.

Read the entire article carefully with a focused mind. It will help you seek Allah’s guidance toward the right path in your life.

History of Surah Yaseen

Surah Yaseen has a special place in the hearts of Muslims and a deep belief in islamic history.

It is the 36th Surah in the Quran, with 83 verses, and is placed in the 22nd chapter.

The Holy Quran holds the highest authority in Islam as it contains the divine words of Allah SWT, sent down from the heavens for us Muslims to learn from and practice, particularly in following the teachings and way of life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Surah Yaseen was discovered by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) at Mecca when he faced severe opposition from the nonbelievers of Mecca.

The Prophet Muhammad recited Surah Yaseen (SAW) when one of his fellows fell sick, and it helped bring his miraculous healing.

From that onwards, it became a common practice to recite Surah Yaseen for those suffering, needing protection, or seeking guidance.

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Meaning of Surah Yaseen

Surah Yaseen combines two Arabic words, Ya and Seen, named after an opening verse. It is a significant chapter of the Quran full of meanings.

This Surah describes Allah’s creation, such as the sun, moon, and stars.

It also explains the importance of the afterlife, the Day of Judgment, and the significance of faith in Allah (SWT).).

Surah Yaseen reflects the message of the Quran and the importance of the Quran.

In the Quran, Allah SWT states, “We send down (stage by stage) in the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe: to the unjust, it causes nothing but loss after loss.” (17:82).

It encourages the believers that reciting the Quran brings Allah (SWT) mercy and healing to our souls, relieving us of worries, sins, and diseases.

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8 Benefits of Surah Yaseen

The Holy Quran heals broken hearts and restores peace and hope inside you. For such reasons, some surahs are read for this purpose, and one of those surahs is Surah Yaseen.

So here are the Benefits of Surah Yaseen:

  • Protection from Evil

One of Surah Yaseen’s primary benefits is that it protects from evil. Muslims believe that regular recitation of this Surah Yaseen can protect it from the evil intentions of others and also from harm from supernatural beings like Jinn.

Many Muslims recite Surah Yaseen daily to seek protection from Allah.

  • Forgiveness of Sins

Allah SWT forgives your sins when you recite Surah Yaseen. This is essential for Muslims as we are not perfect creatures and make intentional or unintentional mistakes.

Therefore, Surah Yaseen has been sent down to us so that Allah SWT will have forgiveness and mercy upon us. As our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“One who recites Surah Yaseen in the whole night merely seeking Allah’s will, Allah Almighty would remove all his sins.”

  • Attaining Paradise

It is believed that reciting Surah Yaseen helps in attaining heaven. It is also said that regularly reciting this Surah brings Allah’s mercy and blessings, which is also helpful on the way to Paradise.

Undoubtedly, its effects are never wasted, as Allah’s SWT words have been sent down to us to guide us through life and help us reach our ultimate destination, Jannah (heaven).

“Whoever reads Surah Yaseen has read the Quran ten times, according to the Prophet of Allah (SAW).”

A.T. Tarmidhi 2887
  • Relief from Suffering

Reciting Surah Yaseen daily will bring peace to your body and soul. Reading the Surah Yaseen (heart of the Quran) will only benefit one’s soul.

Muslims believe that reciting this Surah can help relieve physical and emotional suffering. It is said that chanting Surah Yaseen with sincerity can lead to the removal of all types of suffering.

  • Protection in the Grave

Muslims believe that reciting Surah Yaseen can also protect them in the grave. If Surah Yaseen forgives one’s sins, it surely eases one’s death when read.

As our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “You should recite Surah Yasin for someone dying.”

He also said: “Whoever enters the graveyard and reads Surah Yasin, their (punishment) will be reduced that day, and he will have Hasanaat (reward) equal to the number of people in the graveyard.”

This is why many Muslims recite Surah Yaseen when they visit graves to seek Allah’s protection for themselves and the deceased.

  • Aqeedah (belief)

Surah Yasin, the heart of the Quran, focuses on aqeedah (belief). There are three things at the core of Aqeedah: Tawhid (oneness of Allah), Risaalah (prophethood), and the Aakhirah (Hereafter).

In other words, surah Yaseen mentions the presence of Allah (SWT), a story regarding the messengers, the signs of Allah’s SWT Oneness, the day of Judgment, and protecting our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), etc.

  • Increased Rewards

Reciting Surah Yaseen can also lead to increased rewards. Muslims believe that reciting this Surah with sincerity and devotion can lead to many blessings and rewards from Allah.

It is said that “the rewards for reciting Surah Yaseen are multiplied many times,” making it a highly beneficial surah to recite regularly.

  • Fulfilling needs

Not only does Surah Yaseen forgive sins and ease one’s death, but it also fulfills one’s needs. If you are in a problem or your heart is uneasy and you wish for something, recite Surah Yaseen and see how Allah SWT changes your life.

Those who recite Surah Yaseen in the morning will have all of their needs fulfilled,” according to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

  • Blessings for the Deceased

There is also a theory about Surah Yaseen that reciting it can bring blessings upon death.

Muslims commonly practice repeating Surah Yaseen after someone passes away to seek Allah’s blessings for the deceased.

“The one about to die should read Surah Yaseen, so Allah makes it easy for him.” [5]. It is said that reciting this surah can comfort the deceased and help him in his journey to the afterlife.

“Whoever continues to read it every night will die as a shaheed.”

  • Benefits of Surah Yaseen for marriage

Sometimes difficulties and troubles come into our lives. That’s why Surah Yaseen has been sent down to us for many reasons that benefit us and our needs.

By reciting it, we can get the blessings and guidance of Allah, which can help remove the obstacle to marriage. Only Allah knows better what is troubling our hearts, and reciting the Quran from the heart will also ease our hearts.


In conclusion, 8 Benefits of Surah Yaseen is a highly valued chapter of the Quran that offers many benefits to those who recite it regularly.

The benefits of reciting Surah Yaseen are countless, from protection from evil and forgiveness of sins to attaining paradise and release from pain.

Muslims worldwide recite Surah Yaseen regularly as a means of asking Allah’s mercy and blessings and as a way to connect with the divine.

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