Powerful Dua For Fixing Broken Relationship Problems


Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to our Islamic Nuskhe readers; today, we give you a powerful Dua for fixing broken relationship problems in the proper halal method.

So read this article; don’t adequately skip any part of it for better understanding.

It’s hard to imagine a relationship where there are no conflicts. A conflict-free relationship is almost a myth. Problems are part and parcel of life.

Without them, life and relationships will become lifeless. But, often, those problems can take a life of their own. And if you do not resolve those issues at the right time, they can step beyond the point of no return.

They can become too damaged to repair. Perhaps you are constantly fighting with each other as a girlfriend and boyfriend.

Or you may think that the person is not showing faith and loyalty. You may doubt that your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you.

At times, the relationship problem manifests itself in the form of difficulty getting married. Regardless of the type and nature of the problem, it would help if you worked on it. 

That’s why you are reading this post. The finest way to overcome relationship problems is through Islamic dua and wazifa.

This tried-and-tested technique is so powerful that you will be able to get out of whatever is troubling you. Now we share Dua for fix relationship problems.

Powerful Dua for fixing broken relationship problems

If you want to fix broken relationship problems, you have to recite this dua: “Uhilla lakum laylatas Siyaamir rafasu ilaa nisaaa’ikum; hunna libaasullakum wa antum liblibaasullahun” With the help of this powerful dua, you can easily save your broken relationship. Follow the steps to perform this dua carefully, which are given below.

Reference And Meaning

This dua is taken from Surah Al-Baqarah verse No.187, and this supplication means: “Your spouses are a garment (a metaphor for comfort, chastity, and protection) for you as you are for them.”

Dua for fixing broken relationship problems
We deliver Dua for fixing broken relationship problems in this image.

Method to Perform Dua for Fixing Broken Relationship Problems:

  1. Start with performing an ablution.
  2. Make clear intentions.
  3. Now read Ya Latifu Ya Wadoodo 47 times.
  4. Then, recite Surah Al-Baqarah Verse No. 187 343 times after any salaah.
  5. Finally, pray to Allah Tala to fix your broken relationship soon.

Do this ritual for 21 days regularly to see a visible change in your condition.

If you want quick and effective low-time results and need help, then you can contact our Molana Ashif Ali Khan on WhatsApp.

Niyyah (the intention of why you are performing Dua)

Al-Hadi, you are my only guide and illuminator. My Al-Azeez, you are the highest, and your glory is limitless. Today I am performing this dua to resolve my relationship problems. 

AL-BAARI‘ i need your blessing to free my relationship from any issues. O Almighty, only with your grace can I make my life back on track with my partner. I know you will listen to my dua because my intention is genuine and correct.

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The central aspect behind this article is to deliver a dua for fixing broken relationship problems taken from the Quran sharif to resolve any problems in a relationship, which can come from any reasons like misunderstandings, arguments, disputes, etc.

The regular recitation of this dua can strengthen your bond by increasing love and understanding in your partner. Many believers in Islamic Nuskhe got benefits in their lives from this dua.

If you have questions regarding this dua or anything, don’t think twice; contact our Molanna Ashif Ali Ji through WhatsApp.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Surah or Ayat to fix relationship problems?

Surah Ar-Rahman is the best and most powerful surah to fix your relationship problems. First recite “Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim” 100 times. Then recite Surah Ar-Rahman (1–5) ten times with your pure intention.

We also provide Ayat to fix any kind of relationship problem, which is “Wama tawfeeqee illa billahiAAalayhi tawakkaltu wa-ilayhi oneeb.” Recite this ayat 100 times for one week. Within one week, you get your desired results.

Is there any special dua or trick to make someone yours?

You can follow the Dua to make someone fall in love with you. In addition, to know the Dua procedure, you should communicate with the Maulana Ji. He will also advise you on the right solutions to your problems.

What is the most powerful way to get back your love?

Islamic Dua to get lost love back This is the most powerful dua to get back your love. You should generally give Salah and recite Quran-e-Pak to make a solid appeal to Allah.

What are some benefits of becoming physically stronger?

You can contact Molana Ji to learn how you can be physically stronger. You can pray to Allah so he can offer his blessing to you. 

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