Powerful Dua For Overcome Problems And Difficulties (Dua for difficulty)


Aslam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu, My dear brother and sister.

Today we will discuss methods to overcome problems. In this article, we share the best and most powerful Dua For Overcome Problems And Difficulties.

Everyone has faced difficulties somewhere in their lives, and it’s completely normal.

Life is full of happy and sad moments. Sometimes, everything is going well in life.

Whereas suddenly, something terrible also happens in life. So, you need to remove that obstacle to living a happier life. Dua For Overcome Problems And Difficulties can help you out in this case.

The Quran is the book that has revealed solutions for every problem, and through it, we can seek Allah’s (SWT) mercy and help to overcome any difficulties in our lives.

To get what you want from Allah SWT Read Dua to get what you want.”

Follow These Guidelines Before starting

  • The foremost step is to clean yourself by ablution because purity is crucial to starting any dua and wazifa.
  • Perform your everyday namaaz. You should perform this dua after any obligatory namaaz.
  • Sit in a peaceful place facing the qibla
  • Place a cup of Zamzam water and Quran sharif in front of you to increase positivity.
  • Women don’t perform this dua in their menses.
  • Be patient and trust Allah almighty with all your heart inshallah you will get good results quickly.

Powerful Dua For Overcome Problems And Difficulties

To overcome problems and difficulties in your life, recite: “Wa wa d’ana ‘anka wizrak Allazee anqada zahrak Fa inna usri yusra Inna ma’al ‘usri yusra” 343 times daily after Every Salah. Recite this dua daily until you start seeing its effect.

Reference And Meaning

This dua is taken from Surah Ash-Sharh Verse (94:5,6) and the meaning of this dua is: “So undoubtedly, there is relief from every difficulty. Every problem is relieved”.

Dua For Overcome Problems And Difficulties
We deliver Dua For Overcoming Difficulties And Problems In This Image.

Steps to Perform dua to remove obstacles in life:

  1. Start with cleaning yourself by ablution (wudhu).
  2. Read Salawat three times.
  3. Now, while facing Mecca, recite the Surah Ash-Sharh Verse (94:5,6) 435 times.
  4. Finally, seek Allah SWT’s help to remove all the problems and difficulties from your life.

Do this ritual for at least one month Inshallah, and you will soon see the effects.

If you need help, contact our Molana Ashif Ali Khan on WhatsApp.

Method To Perform This Dua

Niyyah (Intention that why you are performing Dua)

“AR-RAHEEM,” you are the source of utmost delight in my life. By taking your name, my worries fade away. Today I am performing this dua because I suffer from many problems.” 

AL-AZEEZ,” show me light from your holy illumination. Let your infinite wisdom guide me to the right track in my life. “AL-QAHHAR,” your servant, calls upon you to help me by showering your blessing.

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It doesn’t matter the nature of the obstacles you face. This Dua For Overcome Problems And Difficulties will work just as effectively for all scenarios.

Perhaps you need to get married to the love of your life. 

Or maybe you need help to get that promotion. That you have been eyeing for months. Or perhaps you are facing opposition from your family to pursuing your career.

Or it could be a debilitating illness or chronic health condition that is not going away despite your trying every single thing out there. 

Regardless of the nature of an obstacle, you should feel free and confident to try out this dua, as it will work like magic.

If you have any problems or questions, then feel free to contact Molvi Saab Ji. You can contact him through WhatsApp or email us, mentioning your issue in detail.

We will soon reach out to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will Molvi Ji help me out?

He will understand the depth of your problem. Based on this, he will guide you in reciting dua. He may also offer you to wear a prestigious taweez on your hands.

Is Dua To Remove Obstacles In Life actual in every sense?

Yes, they were designed to solve human problems by our ancestors. Many have benefited by reciting these Islamic duas. You can be one of them as well.

What should be taken care of before reciting duas?

It would be best to make a strong ablution before you begin with duas. Also, make sure that you have everything essential in front of you that is needed while reciting this dua. The important thing can be a glass of water or a sugar cube.

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  1. Asalaamu alaikum,sheikh please l need your help to do away with physical and spiritual hidden obstacles,any thing l wishes and expected in my life should come into existence,needed protections,become rich/wealthier in abundance,good health and a lot to becoming successful in life.thank you.

  2. I am currently facing hardships with finance, I have debts every where and I think I have remained with onbody to help me. Is there a way I can come out of this really? And if yes what is it?

  3. I am currently facing hardships with finance, I have debts every where and I think I have remained with onbody to help me. Is there a way I can come out of this really? And if yes what is it?


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