Powerful Dua To Get Your Ex Lover Back [100% WORKS]

Powerful Dua To Get Your Ex Lover Back | Dua To Get Ex back


Aslam Walikum To all our Dear Readers, Today we Give you “Dua to Get Your Ex Lover Back Everyone needs a true lover. Love is known to be the world’s most precious emotion. We all need a person worth our life, a mate who will love us in the blast and hard times. Love might be a sensation that sees no caste or religion at all.

Whenever a woman and a man spend more time with each other than time, it is often seen that they get mad with each other’s love. Sometimes, this is where love begins for two people. But what if suddenly your lover leaves you for someone else?

Having love in your life is the best feeling ever anyone can experience. Getting your lost love back is the best feeling significantly anyone could share, and love is the purest thing in the world. If you have lost your love and want it to come back, try this “Dua to get your ex lover back” and see the results in just a few days.

You can get your ex-lover back through the power of Quran Kareem to win the ex-love back again. In this article, we share Five Most Powerful and easy Wazifa or Dua To Get Your Ex Back you can’t get this dua on the internet. So keep in mind read this article carefully and don’t miss any part of this article.

Some Recommendations Before You Start Dua To Get Ex Back

  1. To start “Dua to get ex back” first step is to clean Yourself thoroughly.
  2. The next step is to offer Salawat and call Allah by his five beautiful names.
  3. While performing this dua, sit in a peaceful place facing the blessed Direction of Mecca.
  4. Also, keep the holy (Quran, Zamzam water) near you.
  5. Remember some best moments with them in your mind and pray to Allah (SWT) to get them back in your life.

Here Is “Dua To Get Your Ex Back” Step By Step:

  • Firstly, make fresh wuzu.
  • Now Recite Durood Shareef 21 times.
  • Then you have to recite “Yaa Allahu Yaa Rahman Ta Rahimi” 101 times to get your ex-lover back.
  • Then again, read Durood Shareef 5 times.
  • Then came a prayer to Allah SWT with a clean heart.

Do this Dua To Get Your Ex Back for at least seven days to see the results. Your ex-lover is back in your life within one week. If you want an immediate result, you can contact MOLANA ASHIF ALI KHAN. He will surely help you. Don’t wait. Just click on the consult with us Button.

If your love gets away from you due to any issues and you want your love back in your, feeling very lonely, then this Dua for love backwill be beneficial.

If you are looking for some effective dua for getting your ex back quickly, then this “Prayer to get your ex backis the right solution for your problem. You will get immediate effects by performing this.

Here is Dua to Get My Ex Lover Back Step by Step -
In this image, we provide you Step by Step method to perform “Dua to Get Your Ex Lover Back.”

Sometimes, evil eyes or a slight misunderstanding can make your relationship weak. If you want to protect your relationship and make it strong, then do this, Dua to make a relationship stronger.” It will give the best result in a short time.

Niyyah To Get Your Ex-Lover Back

AR-RAAFI‘ there is no one who understands me more than you, and thanks you AL-‘ADL for listening to my dua for ex-love back. Allah (SWT) I am at this point in my life where I feel very lonely, and I miss the moments spent with my ex, and I want them back into my life. AL-QADIR, improve me with your wisdom and make me responsible and loyal towards my relationship with my partner. My only intention in bringing my ex back into my life is to get married and live a happy life ahead.

Here Is “Dua To Get Ex Back” Step By Step:

If you want your lost boyfriend back, then here is “Dua To Get Ex Back,” which has been tried and tested by many of our followers, and they have gotten great results from it, so here is the procedure. 

  1. Start with a fresh ablution and face Kabba.
  2. Now recite Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem”  (In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful) 
  3. Read Darood e Shareef x 3 times.
  4. After that, remember your ex lover and recite the “Tabaarakal lazee nazzalal Furqaana ‘alaa ‘abdihee li yakoona lil’aalameena nazeera” verse of Surah Al-Furqan.
  5. Again repeat Darood e Shareef x 3 times with complete faith.
  6. Finally, invoke “Ya wadudu” x 33 times inshallah you will meet your need soon.
Dua To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back
This image provides a step-by-step method to Perform “Dua To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back.”

If you are at that point of your life where you feel very negative and want to fulfill your wishes and get what you have wanted for so long, then doing this Dua to get what you want will help you very much.

If you face issues due to distance in your relationship because distance increases arguments and whatnot, performing thisDua for a long-distance relationship will reduce your fights and strengthen your relationship. 

Method To Perfom “Wazifa To Get My Ex Lover Back” Step By Step:

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but when these struggles and disputes become so routine that the relationship becomes more unfaithful sometimes, a genuine conflict between two people begins here.

Do you want to get your over back when you have lost your affection because of all friendship questions? Then here is a very powerful dua which is an excellent and Effective Dua To Get Ex back.

  1. Start with a fresh wuzu (cleaning process)
  2. After that, take some cardamon and recite Darod Sharif 9 times.
  3. Now recite this ayat “Allazeena sabaroo wa ‘alaa Rabbihim yatawak kaloon” 99 times
  4. Again chant Darood Sharif nine times.
  5. Now take your love’s name, blow on the cardamon, and put it in anything related to your love.
  6. Pray to Allah to make your ex love come back into your life inshallah.
  7. You will get the result in 3 days.

Wazifa To Get Your Ex Lover Back

Sometimes, your lover gets detached from you due to misunderstanding, and you feel unlovable and sad without them. Then to get them back in your life, perform this  Dua to get someone back in your life to get effects results in a short period.

If your lover is getting engaged to someone else due to parents’ pressure and your love is not happy with this, you can do this effective “Dua to break someone’s engagement,” but don’t use this dua for any other evil things.

Dua To Make Him Come Back And Marry Me

If you want to restart your relationship and need your love back and enjoy him to love you as much as you do so in this situation, you can perform this Dua to make him come back and marry me in the following steps.

Perform this “Dua to make him come back and marry me” after doing wudu facing Qibla. (Blessed direction) Do this after doing isha namaz and before going to bed. Now take any five beautiful names of Allah tallah. After that read Ayutul kursi 5 times Now recite this dua “Allazeena yuqeemoonas Salaata wa yu’toonaz Zakaata wa hum bil Aakhirati hum yooqinoon.” 

Now raise your hand, express your need for him, and perform “Niyyah.” Inshallah, you will get effects in the coming days.

Islamic Dua To Get Your EX Boyfriend Back

This Dua is not only to inspire my former lover to get back your love, but it also kindles the affection, respect, and devotion to protect your lover’s core relationship. So that you don’t have to face again this day in your relationship, follow Dua to get my ex-lover back to see the results instantly.

If you face problems in getting married and there are always some issues that arrive when you get proposals, perform this Wazifa for marriageto remove all these obstacles.

Is This “Dua For Ex Love Back” Really Effective?

Yes, by using this dua, you can get your lost love back. We are saying this because many people have used it before and got very good results from it, and all this dua is from the holy book of the Quran. The method of doing this dua has been taken from Quran Paak.

You will not find it on any other website, so we can confidently say this dua is very powerful and effective. The only condition is that your intention should be very clear, And if you are doing any Haram work or you are thinking Haram, then the chances of your prayer being accepted are less. If you have any problems or questions, you can contact our Maulana Asif Ali Khan without any worries.

Why is your “Dua for ex love back” not accepted by Allah?

It has been seen many times that the prayers of many people are not accepted. This will also break people’s confidence, and they go into negative thinking. But you never try to find out why this is happening to you. Let us tell you the reason behind this. If you have committed such sins in your life against Islam, then, first of all, you should ask for forgiveness from Allah Ta’ala. 

Suppose you are doing anything haraam in your life. In that case, that also directly affects your prayers, if you are eating haram, if you are doing something haram, if you have a haram intention or if you see some haram things around.

If so, this thing also affects not accepting your prayers. Also, you don’t do any dua with a selfish Heart. Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Dua made with selfish heart is not responded by Allah Tala (At-Tirmidhi).

You will make the Dua so that my former lover can be taken back, and the couples that fear their partners are drawing to another and losing faith in you can save your lover from the other person’s clutches. If your ex lover is under someone’s love, you can break their relationship by reading this “Dua to Break Up a Couple or Separate Two Persons.”


Frequently asked questions

Is there any Surah to get your ex-love back?

If you lost someone you love the most, it is tough to forget them, and Now you want surah for ex-love back. Then you can get them back by Surah Maryam if you do this ritual correctly. First of all, Recite Verse (34) Surah Maryam. after that, Recite Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim Finally, pray to Allah SWT for your ex-love back.

How to get back your ex-love by performing Dua?

You can get back your ex-love by performing the Dua mentioned above. You have to complete this dua with all precautions, then it will show good results, but if you want quick results, you can consult with our Molvi Ji.

If you are away from your love and miss him and want him to miss you the same way and call you right away, then do this,Dua to make him call me now,” and it will give instant results, Inshallah.

It’s been a month since my partner is not talking to me, and I don’t know how to perform this dua. What can I do?

Do not worry in this case. You can contact our Molvi Ji by clicking on consulting us, and they will provide you with solutions in the best Islamic ways.

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  1. My boyfriend left me for another girl for some silly reasons. He keeps telling me that I am nothing to him. He said he wants to be with the other girl. that he has no feeling for me anymore. This started more than one month ago. By this time he also speaks to me but not in his own mood or to rebuild our relationship. He does so because I request him to be with me at least for some hours or some minute… we talk only once …but I can’t stay without him. I want him back.. I was really worried and I needed help, so I searched for help online and I came across a website that suggested that islamicnuskhe.com can help get ex lover back fast. So, I felt I should give him a try. I contacted him and he told me what to do, and I did it then he did a Islamic halal way Love amal nad dua for me. Some hours later, my boyfriend really called me and told me that he misses me so much, So Amazing!! So that was how he came back that same day, with lots of love and joy, and he apologized for his mistake, and for the pain he caused me when he left. Then from that day, our relationship was now stronger than how it was before, All thanks to Molana Ashif ali khan. he is so powerful and I decided to share my happiness on the internet that Molana Ashif ali khan is real.

    This is my testimony about the marvelous work Molana Ashif Ali khan did for me. My husband abandoned me and the kids and followed a woman who he just met. And the woman did spell on him so that he will never have anything to do with me and my kids for that, my self and the kids have been suffering and it has been a hell of a struggle, but I decide to do all means to make sure that my family comes together as it uses to, then I went online and i found islamicnuskhe so I had to contact him and explain my problem to him and in just 24hours as he had promised, my husband came home and his behavior was back to the man I got married to. I can’t thank molana ashif ali khan enough for what he did for me, I am so grateful and I will never stop publishing his name on the internet for the good work he has done for me.


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