Powerful Dua For Someone To Come Back To You (Bring closer)


Aslam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu to all our Islamic Nuskhe readers.

Today, we give you the most powerful dua for someone to come back to you using tested and verified proper halal methods from the Quran and Sunnah.

We wrote this article intending to help our brothers and sisters find their love through the power of dua (prayer) and the mercy of Allah Taala.

If you are searching for someone, how do I pray for them to return? On the other hand, is there a Dua for someone to return to you? Then all the answers are here.

This article provides different duas that will help you get someone to come back to you.

You can perform any dua with which you are comfortable.

Remember Allah SWT’s mention in the Quran:

“And this [the Qur’an] is a book We have revealed [which is] blessed; follow it and fear Allah so that you may receive mercy. 

Surah Al-An’aam (6:155)

Understand The Power of Dua For Someone To Come Back To You

We frequently ponder what life’s purpose is. Suppose we were to answer this most difficult question as easily as possible.

Then the answer would be something like, “The purpose of life is to love” But what if that purpose isn’t fulfilled?

Yes, love has many different definitions. But the kind of love you share with your soulmate (partner) is meant to last a breath.

Perhaps you have also found the love of your life, but sometimes your loved one (partner) may leave you for various reasons.

You want them back at any cost because you can’t live without them, so in this situation, “Dua to Get Someone Back in Your Life” can help you.

Please read this article completely to remove any doubts from your mind. We promise you will get your love back if you perform the given dua correctly.

To be clear, we believe that using any form of magic (Shirk) is not permissible in Islam and that the prayers and procedures described in this article are entirely halal.

Allah SWT Said: “My mercy encompasses all things.”

QURAN 156-162

Powerful Dua For Someone To Come Back To You:

A highly effective and powerful dua for someone to come back to you is: “Hasbi Allaho La ilaha illa Huwa Alayhi tawakkaltu wa Huwa Rabbul Arshil Azeem.” By reciting this dua with unwavering faith in Allah Ta’ala, you may find the person you desire to come back into your life.

Reference And Meaning

This dua is taken from AYAT No. 129 of SURAH TAUBAH, and this supplication means: “Allah is sufficient for me. There is no deity except Him. I have trusted Him, and He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne.”

Dua For Someone To Come Back To You
Rekindle your love with the help of this dua for someone to come back to you

Method To Perform Dua For Someone To Come Back To You:

  1. Begin with Salawat.
  2. Take a photo of the person you want to bring back.
  3. Read Surah Al-Mulk once.
  4. Then recite AYAT No. 129 of SURAH TAUBAH 324 times.
  5. Finally, blow on the person’s photo and pray to Allah (SWT) for that person to come back to you.
Powerful Dua For Someone To Come Back To You (Bring closer)
This image shows how to perform dua if you want someone to come back into your life.

Follow this Islamic dua ritual for at least 12 days after any Salah with our recommendation (given below). Insha’Allah, you will see excellent and positive results soon.

If you need any help and desire quick, fast, and permanent results, you can consult our Molana Ashif Ali Khan via WhatsApp.

Believe in the teachings of Molana Ashif Ali Khan Ji, as he has years of experience. He has witnessed countless individuals struggling with various problems in life and has helped them overcome those challenges.

You should always keep one thing in mind: Hadiya and Sadaqah, which are very important in Islam.

Hadiya and Sadaqah take you closer to Allah (SWT) and help fulfill whatever dua you ask from Allah Taala.

The methods of giving Hadiya and Sadaqa are very different. For example, sharing this article with someone.

Share this article as much as possible so that someone’s life can be changed, and you will get mercy from Allah SWT.

If you want your ex-lover back in your life, do “Dua to get your ex-lover back through the power of the Quran, Kareem.”

Another Powerful Dua To Get Someone Back In Your Life

Many of our Islamic nuskhe readers ask us to give a dua that will have an effect as soon as possible so that we can bring back the person we love in our lives.

In such a situation, we will give you one dua by reciting that person coming back into your life.

We also provide all dua in an entirely halal manner. Our aim remains that you get its solution in a completely halal way so that you do not commit any sins.

By doing it correctly and following it properly, you will see the effect of this prayer very well, so let us know which prayer you can use to regain your lost love.

A Dua to Get Someone Back in Your Life is: “Allahumma inni as’aluka bimuhammadin nabiyyil ummiyyi, ya rasulullah, ya habiballah. Allahummaj’al mahabbati fi qalbi (name of the person) wa ansurni ‘ala qada’i hadha’l amr wa ijma’l bayna wa bayna (name of the person). Wa la tada’ li fi hadhihi hali, ya arhamar rahimin.”

Reference and Meaning:

This dua is taken from Sahih Muslim, Book 1, and here is the meaning of this supplication: “In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.”

“O Allah, I ask You by the intercession of Muhammad, the Prophet of Mercy, the Messenger of Allah, O Beloved of Allah. O Allah, place love for (name of the person) in my heart, bring us together, and grant me success. Please do not leave me in this state, O Most Merciful of the Merciful.”

Powerful Dua To Get Someone Back In Your Life
Effective Dua to Get Your Love Back and Reignite Your Relationship

Easy Steps To Perform Dua For Someone To Come Back To You:

  1. Take a white cloth and write your and your lover’s names.
  2. Spray ATTAR (perfume) on the white cloth.
  3. Recite, “O Allah, place love for (name of the person) in their heart; bring them back to me” 232 times.
  4. Finally, blow on the cloth and pray to Allah (SWT) for that person’s return to your life.

Perform this dua for someone to come back to you regularly for 14 days with complete faith in Allah SWT. InshaAllah, within 14 days, your lover will contact you again.

Powerful Dua For Someone To Come Back To You (Bring closer)

If your ex-lover has left you and you are missing them and want your ex-lover back in your life like before, then you should do “Dua for love back.”

Step by Step Method to perform Dua to bring someone closer to you:

  1. Before Fajar Salah, make Wudu.
  2. Read DUROOD-E-INAAM 11 times.
  3. Perform Salat al-Istikharah.
  4. After that, recite “Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illaa billaah” 1500 times.
  5. Finally, pray to Allah (SWT) to bring that person closer to you.

You should follow this method daily for eight days. Inshallah, within eight days, the person whom you want to get closer to will start coming very close to you in your life.

If you want the best results, then please keep fast on Friday.

Step by Step Method to perform Dua to bring someone closer to you

Niyyah for someone to come back to you

If you want your dua to be accepted by Allah Ta’ala, then we want to tell you that your intention behind it should be clear.

If your intention is clear for these duas and you are not wishing bad for anyone, then only this dua will be accepted.

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: ‘Allah does not look at your forms or your wealth, but He looks at your hearts and your Intention.'”

(Bukhari Muslim)

Let us know how you perform, Niyah, to get someone back:

O AL-MALIK, I am always grateful for the uncountable blessings, and I thank you for hearing my dua for someone to come back to you. 

I am stressed because I always think about them, and you are the only Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala (SWT) who can help me so that they also miss me as I do. 

AL-LATEEF blesses me with wisdom so I can behave responsibly to maintain my relationships better than ever before. 

Follow Some Recommendations Before You Start These Duas:

  • Consider fasting or performing ablution (wudu) before starting Dua for Someone to Come Back To You.

“Every deed of the son of Adam will be multiplied between ten and seven hundred times. Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, said: Except fasting. It is for Me, and I shall reward for it.

Sahih Muslim 1151e
  • The most crucial thing to remember while performing this dua is pure intentions (Niyyah).

“The reward of deeds depends upon the intentions, and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 1

“Verily, Allah does not look to your faces and wealth, but He looks to your heart and deeds.”

Sahih Muslim 2564c
  • These Dua for someone to come back to you will only work if you have complete faith in Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala).

The Prophet (PBUH) once remarked, “The strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer.”

Sahih Muslim 2664
  • Sit in the direction of Kaaba while performing these duas.

“The Messenger of Allah came out of the House and prayed two Rakahs in front of the Kabah, then he said: ‘This is the Qiblah.'”

Sunan an-Nasa’i 2916
  • Perform all these duas in the proper Islamic Halal way. Don’t use any shirk or black magic.

“Whoever ties a know and blows on it, he has practiced magic; whoever practices magic, he has committed Shirk, and whoever hangs up something (as an amulet) will be entrusted to it.”

Sunan an-Nasa’i 4079
  • If you make any mistake while performing this dua, say “Astaghfirullah” five times and start the dua again.

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “Sometimes I perceive a veil over my heart, and I supplicate Allah for forgiveness a hundred times in a day.” [Muslim].

Riyad as-Salihin 1869
  • Do not tell anyone about this dua until your prayer is accepted.

‘A’isha said that when God’s messenger intended to engage in private devotion in the mosque he prayed the dawn prayer and then entered his place of seclusion.

Mishkat al-Masabih 2104
  • Be patient and trust Allah’s timing, as some duas may take longer to fulfill than others.

“Allah will grant patience to anyone patient.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 1469
  • Find a quiet and peaceful place to perform your dua where you won’t be interrupted or distracted.

Can Allah Bring Someone Back Into Your Life?

Yes, Allah is capable of all things and has the power to separate and reunite anyone because Allah has a plan for everyone’s life.

“And it’s possible that you like something unhealthy for you and detest something wonderful for you. You are unaware, but Allah is aware.

(Quran 2:216)

Because Almighty Allah created everything, he is also the one who makes all decisions. We can seek guidance from Allah (SWT) for the best future decision.

“Whoever seeks guidance from Allah, He will guide him to a straight way.”

(Qur’an, 24:46)

Allah has decided the perfect time and place for everyone to bring someone back or tear them apart for some reason. We only need to exercise patience.

If the person is right for us, Allah will get them back into our lives.

Effective Dua for someone you love:

If you want someone to love you, then follow this proper step-by-step halal method:

Take one red rose flower and one Itter (perfume), and then recite Surah Al-Muzzammil 11 times. Then, recite Durood Sharif 11 times, spray Itter on red roses, and blow on them. 

Now, give this red rose to the person you want. If that person smells that rose, they will start loving you.

Sometimes, some of the most beautiful relationships are impaired due to misunderstandings and a lack of care. If yours is a similar case and you are craving the love and affection of your lover, then do “Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You,”

A powerful dua for someone to come back: Watch this video

Consider viewing this useful video if you’re looking for methods to reunite with a loved one with the help of Dua for Someone to Come Back To You.

It may just be the answer you’ve been looking for since it has already helped many people restore their love.

You could take a step towards overcoming your relationship’s problems and finding happiness by spending a few minutes watching this video:

Video About Dua For Someone To Come Back To You

Why Is This “Dua For Someone To Come Back To You” So Effective?

The second name of dua is a conversation with Allah. If you wish to communicate with Allah, then dua is the only way to reach your heart and talk to Him.

As mentioned above, if you perform the dua correctly and with complete faith, there is no more powerful dua.

“Call upon Allah while being certain of being answered, and know that Allah does not respond to a supplication from the heart of one heedless and occupied by play.”

Tirmidhi 3479

The effectiveness of the “Dua for Someone to Come Back to You” can be attributed to its strong spiritual nature.

Islam holds the view that Allah has control over everything and can grant any sincere request or prayer.

All the duas mentioned above are taken from the Holy Book of the Quran.

Thousands of people have tried these duas and have received excellent and powerful results.

Therefore, this is the most effective dua for someone to return to you.

If you want someone to miss you and are looking for Dua (prayer) in such a situation, you should do this: “Dua to make someone miss you.”

Benefits of Performing These Dua

Performing a dua for someone to come back to you has many benefits.

  • Firstly, it is entirely halal and has no adverse effects.
  • You will see results within a few days if you perform the dua with a pure heart and complete faith in Allah.
  • This dua is included in the Quran, so it goes directly to Allah (SWT), and your lover will be more likely to return to you.
  • The effects of this dua can last a lifetime, and it can prevent fights and disagreements between you and your loved one.
  • Even if you are performing this dua for your spouse, you can still achieve success.

The Prophet [ﷺ] said : The Dua is the weapon of the believer, a pillar of the religion and a light for the Heavens and the Earth.

Ali [radi Allahu anhu] narrated

Sometimes your ex-partner is in a haram relationship, and you want to break that haram relationship anyhow. In this condition, you can do “Dua to break haram and unlawful relationship.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Dua To Bring Someone Back?

You must recite verse 51 of Surah Ash-Shu’ara, “Innaa natma’u ai yaghfira lanaa Rabbunaa khataa yaanaaa a kunnaaa awwalal mu’mineen,” 23 times, and ask Allah (SWT) to bring that person back.

Is there any Surah to Get Someone Back in Your Life?

Recite Surah Al-Ahzab for one month. This Surah will change your lover’s heart; eventually, he loses interest in the other girl or boy and returns to you. It will make you miss your lover, and he will soon return to you.

Which Dua should I recite to stop this divorce?

If your husband or wife wants to divorce you and stop it under any circumstances, you should do this: “Dua to Stop Divorce.”

What To Do If These Dua Aren’t Showing Any Effects?

If you are following the precautions and your Dua For Someone To Come Back To You is not working, there could be some reasons. 

  1. If you made any mistakes while doing the dua, it’s better to start again, following the precautions. 
  2. If you recite the dua with weak faith and emotions, Allah (SWT) may not accept it. 
  3. It is essential to show complete sincerity while performing Niyyah, as it reflects your intentions and objectives. 
  4. If your motives need to be clarified, it could be one of the reasons. Additionally, unintentionally doing things against Islam can count as haram work, the biggest reason for not accepting our dua.


In this article, we provide the reader with various dua for someone to come back to you from the Quran and Sunnah to help bring back a loved one who has left.

Every day, our Muslim brothers and sisters send us emails and texts in which they describe how they were scammed in the name of Allah.

Therefore, we kindly ask that you avoid performing haram work and do not fall for the lies of such fraudsters. And if you carefully read the article we’ve provided, you can win back your love in an entirely halal way.

You can ask our expert, Maulana, a question in the comment section below if you need assistance.

Our Molan Ashif Ali Khan emphasizes the importance of having pure intentions, complete faith in Allah, and following the proper Islamic Halal way to perform these duas.

We conclude that these duas can help bring back a loved one with patience and trust in Allah’s timing.

Please give your valuable feedback in the comment box below so that we can know whether the article written by our hard work was useful to you or not.

Note: Allah (SWT) will praise you if you share this dua with more and more people. By passing it on, others can benefit, which may change their lives. By spreading this knowledge, you will be rewarded for the good deed (sadaqah).

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