Powerful Dua To Remove Black Magic [100% Works]

Powerful Dua To Remove Black Magic Permanently [100% Works]


Aslam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu to all of you today, we give you “Most powerful and Easy Dua to remove black magic Spell” in proper halal method with rules. You can’t find this dua or wazifa on the internet, so read this article carefully Provided by our Molana Ashif Ali Khan.

Black magic is the worst necromancy and virtue, and it was practiced by some of the influential ancient people who had a deep faith in this. But in today’s world, it is used to mislead innocent and unholy persons or to do harm to someone. 

If you are under the effect of this worst necromancy and ancient black magic and its powers, you should perform the “Dua to Remove Black Magic Permanently in Islam.”

Black magic is one of the worst sides of mankind that had been practiced by many people since ancient times to pursue their own desires. In this case, Dua to remove black magic permanently in Islam may be a good solution to get rid of it.

Dua to permanently remove black magic in Islam is one of the strongest dua that eliminates Black Magic From Husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or any kind of family member or person very quickly. you can recite this powerful Dua to Remove Black Magic From Your House and persons who seem to be affected under its influence.

It is also essential for you to know whether you are a victim of black magic; for this, we will tell you some such points below to see if you are a victim of it.

What Are The Symptoms of Black Magic?

BLACK MAGIC has been used to complete desires of harmful purpose with supernatural power and evil intention to destroy someone physically, mentally, and financially or to take revenge. If you are under some black magic, then you will see some symptoms like:

  • Falling from a great height in a dream.
  • Seeing animals in dreams like a lion, black dog, crow, snake, or any other animals of sacrifice like a dead goat.
  • Visiting a grave or oneself in grave.
  • Feeling mentally and physically weak. (Headache)
  • Harming yourself physically or feeling emotionally unstable.
  • Recurring accidents in the family.
  • Being very tired after waking up from sleep and in pain all the time.
  • Losing opportunities and experiencing bad luck all the time.
  • Financial loss having negative thoughts all the time.
  • Feeling like some evil thing is with you all the time.

In today’s world, the problem of the evil eye is a common thing because no one is happy with someone’s progress. People are so selfish and unhappy to see other people’s success and get envy and have curse feelings which can come as an obstacle in someone progress thats why Dua to remove evil eyeswill help you to get rid of these problems.

Follow Some Important Rules Before Performing “Dua To Remove Black Magic”

  1. Begin Dua with delivering Salawat to the Prophet. (Allahumma salli)
  2. Praise Allah by taking five beautiful names. (AR-RAHMAN, AR-RAHEEM, AL-MALIK, AS-SALAM, AL-AZIZ)
  3. Do this, Dua, while facing the holy direction qiblah.
  4. The Prophet (SAW) turned to face the qiblah, “Then he stretched forth his hands and started to cry out to his Lord.”
  5. Keep your mind clean of negative thoughts and chant Allah’s name whenever you feel negative.
  6. Have faith. Do not doubt Allah. He will listen to your problems and find the perfect way to get you out.
  7. Make clear conversation with Allah (Dua is a medium through which you can directly express your feelings to Allah), so when performing this Dua, ask and tell in prominent words.
  8. You should also perform Namaj by five times daily to keep away the black magic from your life.

Here is “Dua to Remove Black Magic” Step by Step:

  • Make Wadu and make a fresh ablution before reciting the dua.
  • Then RECITE “Qulnaa laa takhaf innaka antal a’laa Wa alqi maa fee yamee nika talqaf maa sana’oo; innamaa sana’oo kaidu saahir; wa laa yuflihus saahiru haisu ataa” 100 times.
  • You should Recite this Ayats for 11 days after Fajar. (Morning Prayer)
  • You should Recite the Durood Shareef by three times before the start and at the end of making this dua.

Do this Ritual for seven days after Fajar. (Morning Prayer) InshaAllah, after seven days. You will see the difference in you, and all harmful black magic will go from your life. If you want quick and effective work in low time and need any help, you can contact our Molana Ashif Ali Khan on Whats App.

Dua to Remove Black Magic
In this image, we provide a step-by-step method to perform “Dua to Remove Black Magic.”

Life is not easy. It’s full of hassle, and sometimes we have to face many issues that we can’t quickly get away from, so in that case, you can perform Dua to solve all life problems.” It will give you visible effects.

Black magic involves evil spirits for an immoral purpose for someone, and this can provide significant damage to one who is under this black magic. To get rid of this, recite Wazifa to get rid of black magic.”

What Does The Quran Say About Black Magic?

People who have a strong belief in black magic and who actually perform black magic on other persons will never be forgiven by the almighty Allah, and they will be sent directly to hell.

Allah always denies accepting the prayer from those people who are involved in the practice of black magic, and even after their death, the gate of heaven is forbidden on them for their entering.

Many Dua and verses are present in the Quran for protection from black magic and evil things, Witchcraft, Sihr. You can recite these seven powerful Manzil Dua for protection from black magic 11 times after (Evening Prayer) Isha:

  1. “Bismi Allahi alrrahmani alrraheemi”
  2. “Alhamdu lillahi rabbi alAAalameena”
  3. “Alrrahmani alrraheemi”
  4. “Maliki yawmi alddeeni” 
  5. “Iyyaka naAAbudu wa-iyyaka nastaAAeenu” 
  6. “Ihdina alssirata almustaqeema” 
  7. “Sirata allatheena anAAamta AAalayhim ghayri almaghdoobi AAalayhim wala alddalleena” 

After that, drink the water of Zamzam and give it to your family members too. Then this black magic will come out through your urine, or you can spread this water in the corners of your house, and after that, read Azaan this will break the effects of that magic.

What Does The Quran Say About Black Magic

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Even if everything is going well, there can be problems in your relationship as many people may feel jealous of you. The Dua to make a relationship stronger and protect from evil eyescan help you save your relationship.

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Dua For Protection From Black Magic Spell In Islam

Life is one of the most beautiful presents of almighty Allah. Everybody who has received this noble opportunity from almighty Allah to come to the world is undoubtedly a precious gift from Allah. Still, if you become a victim of some black magic, your life slowly comes on the verge of ending. So here we share one “Powerful Dua For Protection From Black Magic Spell” STEP BY STEP:

First of all follow all the rules which we are given above in the article after that Recite Durood Shareef by six times after any namaz. Now Recite  “Waa illahukuum waahid Laaa illlaha iillahuwa rehmanuur rahheemu” 50 Times. 

After that recite “Allahhu laa ilaaha illaa huwaa alhaayyu alqayyoomu la ta/khuthuhu sinatun wala naawmun lahu ma fee alssamawati wama fee al-ardi man tha allathee yashfaAAu AAindahu illa bi-ithnihi yaAAlamu ma baayna aaydeehim wama khalfaahum wala yuheetoona bishay-in min AAilmihi illa bima shaa wasiAAa kursiyyuhu” 50 Times.

Perform this Dua for seven days after any namaz. Inshallah, if you do this dua with complete faith in Almighty Allah, you will protect yourself from evil black magic in your life.

If you are suddenly feeling something supernatural in your daily activity and you want to know if there is any jinn behind this so you can read this here “Signs of jinn in the house.”

There are multiple benefits of reciting surah Rahman, and you can get to know by reading the Benefits of Surah Rahman.” In this, you can easily understand the various usage of surah Rahman.

Follow some Precautions When You Perform “Dua to Remove Black Magic”:

It’s really very necessary to follow the precautions that are stated below at the time of reciting this dua:

  • You should not use any kind of scent at the place and at the time enchanting this dua.
  • It will be a good choice if the dua is recited at the place or at the room where the person, who has been affected by the dark result of black magic, live in.
  • The person who is reciting the “Dua to remove black magic” should not put on any BLACK cloth at the time of reading the dua.

If you follow all the precautions properly by keeping deep faith in the almighty Allah inside your heart, you will surely get the positive result from the negative effect of the dark BLACK magic, and it will also be kept away from you.

Benefits of Performing Dua To Remove Black Magic

  • You will get relief from the problems you are facing due to black magic
  • Slowly, slowly, your health will get better
  • You will be able to keep the focus on your things well.
  • Performing this dua with faith in Allah can give you lifetime protection with black magic.
  • This dua has immense power, which can take away any evil things from you.
  • Make sure you are reading all the verses correctly. If you get any difficulty, you can contact our molana ashif ali khan on whatsup for any help.

If you have any problem in your life regarding black magic and if you are searching for the solution of it then you can directly contact to our famous Molana Ashif Ali Khan Ji regarding your permanent solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get To Know Who Has Done Black Magic On Me?

You can perform amal to know first clean yourself and recite Darood Sharif before sleeping. Do not eat anything while doing this amal. After that, recite these verses

“Bikalimatillaahit Taaammati Min Kulli Shayt’aanin Wa baammatin Wa Min Kulli A’ynin Laammatin” × 33 times

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: O Allah I direct myself towards you, Allah will protect my family and me with the devil and the evil eyes × 33 times.

again repeat Darood Sharif and go to sleep without talking to anyone. In dreams, you will see the face of the person who has done black magic on you and the place where they keep taweez.

How Can I Get To Know Who Has Done Black Magic On Me

Is There Any Surah To Remove Black Magic In Islam?

Yes, you can perform surah baqarah with all your family members, read surah Al baqarah ten times continually, and after finishing. (khatam), drink the holy water, spread it in the corners of your house, and read Azaan. It will take away evil things from your family members or home.

Which Dua Should I Recite To Protect My Family And Me Against The Black Magic Spell?

First, clean yourself and perform Salawat. Chant the names of Allah and praise the almighty after that, sit in the direction of qiblah and narrate this verse “Wa aqueous salaat wa aatuz zakaata warka’oo ma’ar raaki’een” After fazar Namaz and blow on yourself. Inshallah will protect you and your family from black magic on all the family members.

What can I do if this dua does not work for me? 

There can be several reasons that your dua is not working. Sometimes we don’t recite correctly or get distracted by many things around us, or it can be any haram work we have done in the past, so in this situation, you can contact our molvi Ji. They have 35 years of experience in this field and provide you best solution to solve your problem.

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