Islamic dua or Wazifa for successful pregnancy

Wazifa for successful pregnancy

Wazifa for successful pregnancy

Some of the greatest news in life is – that first job, that first promotion and that first news of pregnancy. Islamic Dua or Wazifa for successful pregnancy Nothing can beat that feeling. It’s supposed to be one of the best feelings in the world. Just knowing that you are going to welcome a human being no less. It can bring along a mix of emotions. dua for successful pregnancy in english It goes without saying that often some women are fearful of miscarriage during their pregnancy or not getting pregnant in the first place. 

There is always a possibility of certain complications that can further strengthen. That fear of the unknown. dua for pregnancy complications Are you also a woman who wants to get pregnant and is wishing for a successful pregnancy? If yes, then you need to perform this Islamic wazifa to make things easy for yourself. Your family and your baby who might be on the way to your family soon.

Islamic Dua or Wazifa for successful pregnancy
Islamic Dua or Wazifa for successful pregnancy

How to perform this Islamic wazifa for pregnancy –

You can perform dua to make sure you can get successfully and easily pregnancy in the first place. For that you can recite the following regularly as often as you can –

“Rabbi inaka dhara adua kareem shinaka sulah yamen”

It roughly translates to – Ya Allah, the listener of duas, please bestow upon me a pious and healthy child and show mercy

After that there are some other duas that you woman who wants to conceive or has already conceived should perform every single day.

These are meant to safeguard the child and make the pregnancy period as easy as possible. It will also make the labour easy for you.

  • Recite Surah luqman for the proper development of child
  • Recite Surah yusuf for easing the labour
  • Surah mariam will give you a beautiful child
Islamic Dua or Wazifa for successful pregnancy
Islamic Dua or Wazifa for successful pregnancy

Dua for easing anxiety related to pregnancy

A lot of women start to panic if they are not able to get pregnant as soon as they had hoped. If that is also the case with you. Then first of all, you need to stop stressing out and panicking. Islamic Dua or Wazifa for successful pregnancy. It’s because stress is directly connected with your reproductive system. Dua for safety of pregnancy Prolonged periods of stress can weaken your reproductive system and reduce chances of pregnancy.

Other than that. If you have had miscarriage in the past and are feeling fearful this time around as well. Then also you need to perform these duas every single day. In Sha Allah, you will get conceived with a beautiful child and your pregnancy will be smooth like a breeze. You will not run into any troubles either.

Precautions to take while performing dua

It is important that you keep yourself happy and stress free during the times that you are trying to conceive. Also remain constantly connected with Allah Tallah. Islamic Dua or Wazifa for successful pregnancy When you are connected with Him. Your chances of a safe and successful pregnancy are bound to increase several folds. wazifa for beautiful baby during pregnancy That’s a given and natural.

It is also crucial that you have faith in the power of dua and with chant, you should ooze positivity. If you can take care of these small things, everything else will begin to automatically fall into place.

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  1. I have got two misscarriages Allah has blessed me again .plz suggest me what will i do so that my pregnancy will be safe .

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