Powerful Morning Dua For Waking Up In The Morning (2022)

Powerful Morning Dua For Waking Up In The Morning (100% Effective)


Aslam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu, My Dear Brother and sister, today’s topic is very interesting.

It delivers knowledge about Morning Dua For Waking Up In The Morning. It is vital to make your body introduce healthy habits.

Creating a proper routine will affect all the activities you are performing rest of your day. It will boost your productivity and creativity.

Waking up early and doing fajr namaz (prayer) will make you feel positive and energetic.

Waking up early and praying will keep you protected from the presence of angels around you. And they will guide from the light of which angels made.

The angels come to us alternately during the night and the day, and they all gather during Fajr and Asr prayers. “Whoever offers the two prayers (Asr and Fajr) will enter Paradise.” (Bukhari)

Concerning God’s words, “The recitation of the dawn is witnessed,” (Al-Qur’an, 17:78). Abu Huraira quoted the Prophet as saying:

“The angels of the night and the angels of the day are present at it.” Tirmidhi transmitted it. Reference: Mishkat al-Masabih 635 In-book reference: Book 4, Hadith 68

Benefits of Fajr Namaz (Morning Dua)

In Islam, through many hadiths and verses, there are many benefits mentioned for fajr namaz.

In the Quran, fajr namaz is stated by the name of Surah 24 (An-Nur), and the worth of the “Fajr daily prayer is explained as being God’s most-favored invocation since others are asleep.”

  • Protection 

Fajr namaz protect us from evil and satan. It makes a shield on the believer till the next fajr namaz from doing any sinning.

Salman said that he heard God’s Messenger say, 

“He who goes out early to Morning Prayer goes out with the standard of faith, but he who goes out early to the market goes out with the standard of Iblis” (Satan).

Reference: Mishkat al-Masabih 698 In-book reference: Book 4, Hadith 129

  • Reward On The Day of Judgment

If you start your day with the name of Allah (S.W.T.), Merciful will reward you with forgiveness for your sins, and on the day of judgment, you will reward with heaven. Abu Huraira reported God’s Messenger saying,

“If anyone goes out in the morning to the mosque, God will prepare his food in paradise as often as he goes out in the morning or the evening.”

(Bukhari and Muslim.)

  • Unlock The Problems

Remembering Allah early in your day will unlock your problems and create a way through them. It will provide proper guidance and illumination to the follower. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: 

“Sleeping early in the morning leads to withholding of provision.”

Reference: Musnad Ahmad 533 In-book reference: Book 4, Hadith 125.

  • Bless You With Health

Recall Allah (S.W.T.) with a pure heart at sunrise will bless you with health and make your body disease free.

Salamah bin Ubaidullah bin Mihsan Al-Khatmi narrated from his father -and he was a Companion- who said:

 “The Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) said: “Whoever among you wakes up in the morning secured in his dwelling, healthy in his body, having his food for the day, then it is as if the world gathered for him.'”

Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2346

Grade: Hasan (Darussalam)

Powerful Morning Dua For Waking Up In The Morning:

Translation– “La ilaha illallah wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamdu, wa Huwa ‘ala kulli shay’in Qadir; Subhan-Allah walhamdu lillahi, wa la ilaha illallahu, wa Allahu Akbar, wa la hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil-‘Aliyil-‘Azim” Reference: Sunan Ibn Majah 3878 Grade: Sahih (Darussalam)

Meaning– “Glory be to Allah, praise be to Allah. We do not have the right to worship anyone else. There is no sight except Allah, and there is no power and authority except Allah. The Highest and Almighty is only Allah.”

Powerful Morning Dua For Waking Up In The Morning
This Image shows Powerful Morning Dua For Waking Up In The Morning

Method To Perform This Dua:

  1. Wake up early in the morning, taking the name of the creator (Allah) of this world. Ibn Umar narrated that: the Prophet said: “Precede the morning with Al-Witr.”Jami` at-Tirmidhi 467 rade: Sahih (Darussalam)
  2. Start with proper ablution (wudhu) before starting this dua. The purpose behind this is to ensure the purity of your body before recalling the lord.
  3. Perform Niiyah (Given Below) With Full faith in Allah S.W.T.
  4. Offer Salawat on the beloved Prophet “Whoever sends Salawat upon me once, will be blessed for it by Allah ten times.”(Sahih Muslim)
  5. Recite the dua mentioned above with all your heart and finally gratitude Allah for all the blessings he has showered on you.

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Niyyah (Intention, Why You Are Performing This Dua)

“AN-NUR” You are the one who illuminates my path in the darkness. Thank you for blessing me with all the goodness. “AN-NAFI” I woke up early and read this dua so that you made my day successful.

“AR-RASHEED” Taking your name makes me feel positive and guarded by you. O Merciful, shower your mercy on me and guide me to the right path. “Al-Hakeem,” with your wisdom, help me wake up daily so I can recall your name to become a better person every day.

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This article delivers Morning Dua For Waking Up In The Morning, which you will apply to your daily routine, and it will elevate living standards. This Dua will automatically empower you across all fronts of life.

You will become mentally, emotionally, and physically strong. Whether you are a mother, a worker, a housewife, or perform any phenomenal job – you will be able to do it ten times better. 

If you are fighting any ailment or sickness, you will be able to overpower it. Or at least, you will figure out a way to come out of it.

“Prayer is better than sleep.”Bulugh al-Maram

Note: Allah (SWT) will praise you. If you make this dua known to more and more people because if you pass on this, they will benefit by doing it, and maybe it can change their life, then it is obvious you will also get the reward for the good deed (sadaqah)

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