Ya Wadoodo Dua To Attract Someone Towards You (100% EFFECTIVE)


Assalamualaikum to all our dear brothers and sisters! Today’s topic is exciting, as we will share a powerful Ya Wadoodo Dua to attract someone towards you.

It is important to read this article carefully and not miss any parts if you want to attract someone.

Have you fallen in love with someone who doesn’t know you exist? Do you wish for them to notice and be attracted to you the way you are to them?

If yes, then you have come to the right place! This article will provide you with the best dua for attracting someone.

Remember, only Allah SWT can change hearts, so lay your hands before Him and pray.

When you feel drawn toward someone, you tend to do many things to get their attention; sometimes, it may seem impossible.

But do not worry; this article is just for you! The Islamic dua for attracting someone is a powerful and successful ritual that can create love in the person’s heart.

“The supplication is the essence of worship.”

(Sunan al-Tirmidhi 3370)

This article is not only for those who are single but also for those who are married or in a relationship and want to attract their partner’s attention.

Have patience and pure intentions. With these, you will receive victory.

Some recommendations to follow before doing this duas

  1. Regularly perform the five daily prayers (salah) to strengthen your connection with Allah and seek His guidance and support.
  2. Before making dua, perform ablution (wudu) to cleanse your body and mind. This will help you focus and enter a state of purity, increasing the effectiveness of your Dua.
  3. Wear clean clothes and perform dua in an appropriate place without impurities or distractions.
  4. Focus on your intentions when making dua, ensuring they are pure and sincere. Believe in Allah’s power to grant your wishes.
  5. Women who are menstruating should avoid performing dua during this time, as it is considered impure in Islam.

Following these recommendations ensures that your dua is performed with cleanliness, purity, faith, and intention. Which can increase the chance of Allah’s hearing and answering your dua.

Ya Wadoodo dua to attract someone towards you

Authentic Ya Wadoodo dua to attract someone towards you is: “Allahumma ja’alni mina al-ladhina amanu wa ‘amilu al-salihat wa tawassaw bi al-haqqi wa tawassaw bi al-sabr.” You can attract anyone towards you if you recite this tried-and-tested prayer daily after every Namaz.

Reference And Meaning

This dua is taken from Quran chapter 103 verse 3 and here is the meaning of this dua: “O Allah, make me among those who believe and do good deeds, and who enjoin upon each other truth and patience.”

Ya Wadoodo dua to attract someone towards you
Recite Ya Wadoodo Dua to attract love into your life and win the heart of the one you desire.

Method to perform Ya Wadoodo dua to attract someone towards you:

  1. Find a quiet corner of your house where you can focus.
  2. Perform Wudu.
  3. Make a dua in your own words, like, “O Allah, please bring us together in an honest relationship that will bring us closer to you. Ameen.”
  4. Finally, recite Quran chapter 103, verse 3, 434 times.

Perform this dua patiently and persistently for 15 days. Remember, the most important aspect of making dua is sincerity and faith in Allah’s power and mercy.

May Allah accept your duas and guide you on the right path.

Suppose you need help and want immediate results without performing a specific ritual.

In that case, you can contact an experienced Islamic scholar like our Molana Ashif Ali Khan, who has 35 years of experience in Islamic teachings and practices and can provide you with the best solution to your problem.

powerful Dua to attract someone

Most Powerful Dua to attract someone is: “HasbiyAllahu la ilaha illa huwa ‘alayhi tawakkaltu wa huwa Rabbul ‘arshil ‘adheem.” you can easily attract someone by reciting this dua daily after any salah.

Reference And Meaning

This Dua is taken from Quran chapter 9 Verse no. 129 the MEANING of this Dua is: “Allah is sufficient for me; there is no god but He. I have trusted Him, and He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne.”

powerful Dua to attract someone
Manifest your heart’s desires with the power of Dua to attract someone

Method to perform this Dua:

Begin by purifying your intention and heart to seek the help and guidance of Allah.

Perform Wudu, and choose a quiet place to concentrate and focus on your dua without any disturbances.

Start by praising Allah (SWT) using beautiful names and sending blessings to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

After that, recite the dua mentioned above 100 times with complete dedication.

Now make dua in your language, speak from your heart, and express your needs, desires, and fears to Allah, like:

"O Allah, you are the source of all love and mercy. I pray that you bless me with a partner compatible with me in faith, character, and values. Grant us the ability to support and care for each other. Ameen."

Be sincere in your dua and believe Allah will respond to your supplication in the best way possible.

End your dua by sending blessings on the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and asking for Allah’s forgiveness.

Do this dua regularly for 15 days. Make sure to follow up your dua with actions that reflect your faith and trust in Allah.

May Allah accept your dua and bless you with His mercy and guidance.


In conclusion, attracting someone to you can be challenging, but with the power of Islamic dua, it is possible.

Following the recommendations before performing any dua, including regularly performing salah, performing wudu, wearing clean clothes, and having pure intentions, is essential.

The Ya Wadoodo dua and dua to attract someone mentioned in this article are powerful and effective when performed with complete dedication and faith in Allah’s power and mercy.

However, it is crucial to remember that Allah is the only one who can change hearts and that we should always trust His plan. May Allah accept our duas and guide us on the right path. Ameen.

“Whoever seeks Allah’s pleasure at the expense of people’s displeasure, Allah will be pleased with him and will cause people to be pleased with him.

And whoever seeks people’s pleasure at the expense of Allah’s displeasure, Allah will be displeased with him and cause people to be displeased with him.”

(Sunan Ibn Majah 4217)

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there any Dua to attract my husband?

    By reciting the Dua AL-A’RAF along with the Ayat “Qaala anzirneee ilaa Yawmi yub’asoon” three times on the last third part of Friday night, you can easily attract your husband.

    This powerful Islamic prayer will significantly change your husband’s behavior, and your dua will be accepted. Try this simple yet effective method and witness its positive impact on your relationship.

  • Is there any Surah to attract my boyfriend again?

    Open chapter 20th of Quran Sharif, and you must recite Surah Ta-Ha ayat no.10, “Wa hal ataaka hadeesu Moosa.” 

    After that, read Darood Sharif three times and think of your partner with a pure heart. Make dua to Allah to restore the love in your life, inshallah, so your boyfriend will be attracted to you.

  • Can I attract my ex-lover toward me with the help of Dua?

    If you genuinely want to attract your ex-lover towards you, recite this Dua Ikhlas verse 1 to 15 with two rakt nafl at the time between Adhan and Iqamah.

    If you make dua at the right time with true intention, your dua will be accepted soon.

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