Powerful Dua For Husband To Love His Wife Only (100% EFFECTIVE)


Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to our beloved sister. Today’s topic is very important about husband love.

In this article, we share Powerful Dua for husband to love his wife only in the proper Halal method, which you can’t find on any other article or website.

We suggest you read this article properly and don’t skip any part of it.

If you are a married woman who has lately started to sense that her husband is acting strange and not showing that same love and affection, But he used to, some time ago.

Then you need to trust your gut instincts. Sometimes, a married relationship will hit a rough patch. Usually, there can be a third person involved.

Sometimes the husband may be having extramarital affairs outside of the marriage.

That can complicate things. If you don’t take corrective measures quickly, it could damage your family and marriage.

If you are doing all her homely duties and still the husband is not showing interest in you, then this powerful dua is for you.

So without wasting any time, we share a powerful dua for you below.

Here Is Dua For Husband To Love His Wife Only

The proven and authentic dua for a husband to love his wife is: “yaa noora kulli shay-in wa hudaahu antallad’ee falaqaz’ z’ulumaati binooruhoo.” If you pray this dua with full faith in Allah, your husband will only love you.

Reference And Meaning

This Dua is taken from Surah al Mumtahinah (chapter 60) and here is the MEANING of this Dua: O Light of everything which shows them, You are He who misses dark apart with His rays.”

Dua For Husband To Love His Wife Only
This image shows a dua for a husband to love his wife only.

Another Highly effective Dua For Husband To Love His Wife Only is: Wallazeena yaqooloona Rabbanaa hab lanaa min azwaajinaa wa zurriyaatinaa qurrata a’yuninw waj ‘alnaa lilmuttaqeena Imaamaa.”

Reference And Meaning

This dua is taken from Quran chapter 25, verse no. 74, and this dua means: “Our Lord, grant us from among our spouses and offspring comfort to our eyes, and make us an example for the righteous.”

Dua For Husband To Love His Wife Only

Step-by-step method to perform Dua For Husband To Love His Wife Only:

  1. After Fajar Namaz, do Wudu.
  2. Take the Quran Paak in your hands and wear white or green clothes.
  3. Recite 11 times Salawat and “Tasbeeh e Janab e Fatima.”
  4. After that, recite Quran chapter 25, verse no. 74, 435 times.
  5. Finally, pray to Allah SWT that your husband loves only you.

Follow this ritual for 15 days regularly without any gaps. InshaAllah, you see a positive outcome in your husband within 15 days. 

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If you want your husband’s love back, read this “Dua for husband love.”

Niyyah (Intention, Why You Are Performing This Dua)

“AL-QAHHAR”, no one is above and more incredible than you. Thank you for listening to my dua always.

Today, I am performing this dua to make my husband only love me because,“AL-HAKAM” presently, I am feeling a little insecure due to my husband as he is not spending enough time with me. 

“AS-SAMEE”, her husband, is everything to a wife. It cannot be pleasant when he doesn’t care about her. “Al Azeez,” with your wisdom, guide my husband so that he can improve himself.

Wazifa For Love Between Husband And Wife

The first step is to clean yourself via ablution. After that, recite Allahu akbar and chant Darood sharif x 3 times. 

Now take some rose water and repeat this “Wa min Aayaatiheee an khalaqa lakum min anfusikum azwaajal litaskunooo ilaihaa wa ja’ala bainakum mawad datanw wa rahmah.”

Now blow on the rose water and spray on the bed. Do this ritual after any salah for one month, Inshallah, and you will see an increase in love.

Wazifa For Love Between Husband And Wife

Follow Some Precautions To Get The Desired Result

  • Firstly if you are doing this wazifa, don’t tell anyone because it will not work because of evil eyes.
  • Secondly, your intention should be pure because a good heart and mind are necessary to get the outcomes.
  • Thirdly women don’t perform this Dua and Wazifa in their menses.
  • The fourth point is to be patient, not think about the results first, and focus properly on the process.
  • Finally, keep faith in the Almighty, as it will make things easy.

Click on this Important Note Before Doing Any Dua or Wazifa

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any dua for a desired future husband in Islam?

If you are worried about your marriage, by thinking about what type of husband you will get, you should pray for the “Dua For finding a good husband.”

This Dua will help you to marry the person you dream about.

 Is there any Surah for the husband to love his wife?

Surah Yasin, known as the heart of the Holy Quran, is one of the most potent Surahs. Recite Surah Yasin verse No.1 to 7.

After that, Read the five names of Allah Pak with keeping full faith in your heart; this will have GOOD effects on the husband to love his wife.

Do you have an effective Islamic Muslim Dua to get married soon?

Yes, you can recite this “Dua to get married soon.” It is mighty and effective, Dua. It will give you good results, and do it with pure intentions.

You can contact our Maulana Ashif Ali khan if you need any additional knowledge. He will provide you with the best Islamic ways to solve your problems.

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  1. My husband is behaving better then before Allhamdulillah your given Dua worked wonder for me. Thankyou Maulana ji for your help.


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