Powerful Dua To Get Pregnant (Getting Pregnant From Quran)


We will share the Islamic dua to get pregnant with you today. This dua is a miracle with extraordinary outcomes.

You might want to consider using the Effective Dua to Get Pregnant in Islam if you and your spouse have been trying to conceive for some time but haven’t had any luck

This technique is a particular Islamic prayer that is claimed to assist couples who are having trouble getting pregnant.

In Islam, becoming pregnant and having a child are exceedingly blessed. They are those according to what Allah says in Surah Al Furqan:

TRANSLITERATION“Wa-alladhīna yaqūlūna rabbanā hab lanā min azwājinā wadhurriyyātinā qurrata aʿyunin wa-ij’ʿalnā lil’muttaqīna imāma”

MEANING: They are those who pray, “Our Lord! Bless us with ˹pious˺ spouses and offspring who will be the joy of our hearts and make us models for the righteous.”

We shall discuss the simplest and most powerful duas to get pregnant today. If you are struggling with depression and infertility, read on. You must immediately try these Dua.

Insha’Allah, Allah will grant you the baby. If you want a baby boy, then read this Dua: Powerful Dua For Baby Boy (During Pregnancy For a Boy)


Here is the most powerful Dua to get pregnant.

TRANSLITERATION: Rabbanaa waj’alnaa muslimaini laka wa min zurriyyatinaaa ummatam muslimatal laka wa arinaa manaasikanaa wa tub ‘alainaa innaka antat Tawwaabur Raheem

MEANING: Our Lord, make us Muslims [in submission] to You and from our descendants a Muslim nation [in submission] to You. And show us our rites and accept our repentance. Indeed, You are the Accepting of repentance, the Merciful.

DUA TO GET PREGNANT (Dua For Pregnancy)
A heartwarming prayer for the miracle of motherhood: Dua for Pregnancy


The steps for performing “Dua To Get Pregnant” are as follows:

  • First, create a fresh wudu since you need to be clean.
  • Do the Durood Sharif 11 times to get things going.
  • Then, 1001 times, read Al-Baqarah 2:128:
“Rabbanaa waj’alnaa muslimaini laka wa min zurriyyatinaaa ummatam muslimatal laka wa arinaa manaasikanaa wa tub ‘alainaa innaka antat Tawwaabur Raheem”
  • Recite Durood Sharif 11 times more after that.
  • Every day after Isha Salaah, recite this dua (given above).
  • Finally, supplicate Allah to provide you with a lovely child with this dua:
"O Allah, grant us a child who will be the peace in our eyes and make him/her righteous." Ameen.

Insha Allah, you’ll become pregnant within a month.

If you seek help with the dua for getting pregnant and want quick and effective results, you can consult Molana Ashif Ali Khan on WhatsApp. He has helped many sisters with years of experience in Quranic teachings.

DUA TO CONCEIVE BABY (Dua for Getting Pregnant From Quran)

Here is the Dua to conceive a baby

TRANSLITERATION : Allaahu ya’lamu maa tahmilu kullu unsaa wa maa tagheedul arhaamu wa maa tazdaad, wa kullu shai’in ‘indahoo bimiqdaar

MEANING: “Allah knows what every female carry and what the wombs lose [prematurely] or exceed. And everything with Him are by due measure.”

(Surah al-ra’d, 8)
DUA TO CONCEIVE BABY (Dua for Getting Pregnant From Quran)
A hopeful couple recites the sacred Dua for Conceiving a Baby, seeking the blessings of parenthood from the Quran.


Here, we’ll give you a quick explanation. Just say this dua as written, and Allah will undoubtedly grant you a child. This baby’s dua is derived from the Quran. All you need to do is properly follow the instructions.

Allaahu ya’lamu maa tahmilu kullu unsaa wa maa tagheedul arhaamu wa maa tazdaad, wa kullu shai’in ‘indahoo bimiqdaar
  • For 21 days, regularly recite Durood-e-Pak.
  • Try reciting this dua to become pregnant at the same location and time.
  • Then read verse 8 of Surah al-Rad.
  • After you have finished praying, supplicate Allah for a child with this dua:
"O Allah, grant us a child who will make us happy and bring us closer to You," the couple prayed. Ameen.

With Allah’s blessing, I pray you will get a child as a gift.


Here is the Prophet Zakariya Dua having a baby.

TRANSLITERATION: Rabbi laa tazarnee fardanw wa Anta khairul waariseen

MEANING: “My Lord, do not leave me alone [with no heir], while you are the best of inheritors.”

(Surah Anbiya: 89)
The hopeful prayer of Prophet Zakariya (AS) for a blessed child.

And Dua to get pregnant is as follows:

TRANSLITERATION : Rabbi hab lee mil ladunka zurriyyatan taiyibatan innaka samee’ud du’aaa

MEANING: “My Lord, grant me from Yourself a good offspring. Indeed, You are the Hearer of supplication.”

(Surah Imran: 38)

It’s always possible to go for your ambitions. When it came to Zakariya, one of Allah’s prophets, did it happen immediately? 

Allah granted Zakariya (as) a son while he was already old. So, go to your Lord and ask him for something, but wait. 

Allah is the wisest. Thus, some people may experience it immediately, while others may experience it gradually through time, and yet others may never experience it.

Always remember that when you make dua, including a supplication for our beloved Prophet Muhammad is beneficial. (PBUH) Doing so may give your dua a better chance of acceptance and fulfillment.

Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said in Hadith: “Whoever supplicates Allah to exalt for me, Allah would exalt him ten times.”


We should avoid comparing ourselves to others, since, as the saying goes, comparison steals pleasure. 

For Allah to bless you in different ways, list small things for which you are thankful. 

It’s normal and fair to experience low points, but recovery requires time.


The dua to get pregnant in Islam can be said in numerous ways. You have two options: do it yourself or get someone else to do it. 

You should keep a few things in mind if you want to handle it yourself.

  1. The dua to get pregnant in Islam must first be recited correctly. This means that you must accurately enunciate every syllable of the dua.
  2. You can ask us for advice if you need clarification about how to proceed, and he will direct you appropriately.
  3. The dua to get pregnant in Islam must be recited with sincere intentions. Only if you sincerely believe in the prayer should you recite it.
  4. If you desire someone to re-enter your life, read the dua for someone to return to you.


  • Who can recite the dua to get pregnant?

    Dua to get pregnant can be spoken by both partners. Wives should say it more frequently than husbands, though.

    Because pregnancy and labor are typically of more importance to the wife.

  • What does Allah say concerning the pregnancy dua?

    “I am close by when my servants inquire about me. I respond to the supplicant’s request. So let them react and trust in me to lead them. (Quran 2:186)

    This verse from the Quran proves that Allah is near and hears petitions. Therefore, if you cannot conceive, believe Allah is nearby and will listen to your prayers. 

    Just put your faith in Him to make you pregnant.

  • After reciting the dua to get pregnant, what should you do?

    It would be best if you took a few actions to increase your chances of getting pregnant after reciting the “Dua to Get Pregnant” in Islam. Which are:

    1. Pray five times per day.
    2. Keep out of unhealthy foods
    Exercise frequently.

  • How Long Does Dua Take to Work to Conceive?

    There is no time limit on the Islamic dua to become pregnant. After reciting the dua, some couples get pregnant immediately after reciting the dua, while others need more time.

    You should become pregnant if you continue saying the dua and obey the directions.

    To get pregnant, recite (As-Sajdah 32:7-9) each day after Salaah. You can speak to your hubby after the 1001 recitals. In a month, your family will get fantastic news.


One highly potent prayer that has been known to assist many couples who have had trouble getting pregnant is the dua to become pregnant in Islam. 

Reciting this dua has many advantages, some of which are as follows:

  • The dua might assist you in having a baby quickly.
  • Your chances of having a healthy baby can be improved.
  • Dua can aid in reducing any tension or anxiety you might be experiencing related to your fertility.
  • If you’re feeling worried or stressed about your fertility, it can provide you comfort and certainty.
  • Your connection to Allah will get stronger because of this surah.

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