Powerful Dua To Reunite Husband And Wife Love In 3 Day

Powerful Wazifa or Dua To Reunite Husband And Wife Love


Aslam Alaikum to all, I hope you all are okay. Today we are giving this powerful Dua to reunite husband and wife love. The primary purpose of providing this Dua is to make your married life beautiful and your bond strong through this dua.

Often where there is Love, there are also disputes. But when these disputes often increase so much that people think of separating from each other.

If you are also going through this situation, trust me, this dua is meant for you because this dua has saved many people’s houses from falling apart.

So keep reading till the end and perform this dua with all rules and regulations; then, Inshallah, your relationship will become even more beautiful than heaven.

Some Recommendations Before You Start This Dua To Reunite Husband Love

  • Keep your mind calm and body clean with the Wuzu.
  • Sit in place of Qibla sharif with clean white clothes.
  • Keep Quran sharif and water of Zamzam near you for a positive environment
  • Always imagine your spouse performing this dua whom you want to reunite with.
  • Don’t get nervous and hesitate during this dua, be confident while conveying your message to Allah (SWT)
  • Make your words clearer and increase your dua when in the sunnah of lifting your hands.

Follow these steps accurately, and nothing can stop you from reuniting with your partner. After doing this, Dua, you will observe immediate effects on your partner’s behavior.

Follow Some Precautions While Performing Dua To Reunite Husband And Wife Love:

Follow these steps to avoid mistakes, so you get the effects as soon as possible.

  1. The first and most important thing to keep in mind is to don’t tell about this dua anyone as it will not show any result due to evil eyes.
  2. Please don’t use this dua with any evil intention because it is haram in Islam.
  3. The husband or wife only uses this dua to fix their relationship.
  4. Girls should avoid doing this dua in their menses.
  5. Show some dedication and faith towards Allah (SWT) because it is all in his hands.

Steps To Perform Dua To Reunite Husband And Wife Love:

  • Start with ablution as always.
  • Then Recite Bismillah hir-Rahman Nirrahim 100 Times.
  • Next, Open chapter No.15 in Quran Recite Al-Hijr 5 Times.
  • Finally, Make Dua to Allah For reuniting between husband and wife.
Steps To Perform Dua To Reunite Husband And Wife Love
In this image, we share step by step method to perform Dua To Reunite Husband And Wife Love

You would need to repeat this process twice a day. Once in the morning and then one time in the evening. Do this regularly for a month. Insha Allah, you will see the results happening. If you want quick and effective results, then you can contact Our Molana Ashif Ali Khan.

If you feel that you are getting separated or can give little time to each other, you need to say, “Dua to bring husband and wife closer.”

Procedure To Perform Wazifa For Love Between Husband and Wife

If you want to increase love between husband and wife, then follow this ritual properly:

  1. First, pray Salah before reciting this Wazifa.
  2. Recite Surah Ya-Sin Verse [36:01 to 36:05] five Times gave below.
  3. After that, Recite AR-RAHMAN-AR-RAHEEM 100 times.
  4. Finally, Pray to Allah (SWT) to increase the love between husband and wife.
  5. Do this “Wazifa for Love Between Husband and Wife” for 15 days to get your desired result.
  • Surah Ya-Sin Verse 36:01 “Yaa-Seeen” 36:02 “Wal-Qur-aanil-Hakeem” 36:03 “Innaka laminal mursaleen” 36:04  “Alaa Siraatim Mustaqeem” 36:05 “Tanzeelal ‘Azeezir Raheem”
  • English Translation – “Ya, Seen. By the wise Qur’an. Indeed you, [O Muhammad], are from among the messengers, On a straight path. [This is] disclosure of the Exalted in Might, the Merciful.”

Wazifa For Love Between Husband and Wife

The root cause of any marital problem starts with two things – the first is taking each other for granted, and the second one is the lack of newness of expressing love. Every day you need to find new ways of expressing your love and gratitude towards each other. 

Do not take each other for granted just because you are married. Remember, you are two separate people even if you are married. This Wazifa or Dua to reunite husband and wife love will help you with all kinds of problems between you.

If you want to create love in your husband’s heart and you need dua or wazifa for that, then you can read this “Dua to Increase Love in Husband Heart

How Islam Can Help You With Marital Issues

In Islam, the Quran sharif is the proof of prophethood and Allah’s divine message to Prophet Mohammed, and there are hundreds of verses in the Quran where Love is widely mentioned.

In the Quran sharif, it is written in one of the verses of Surah Al-Baqarah (2:187) that Love is like a “Libas,” which provides protection, hides our imperfections, and makes us beautiful when we wear them.

The Prophet Mohammad s.a.w. has shown us that the perfect marital relationship bears the fruit of Love, kindness, and peace.

Islam is probably one religion that has placed particular value on the institution of marriage. It has strict orders for people to stick with a set of rules and regulations that must be followed. It also has a list of powerful ways to overcome those issues.

By implementing those solutions, you can make sure that that spark of love in your relationship and marriage will never fade, and it will never be dimmed. Every day will be a fresh breeze and a new beginning. 

If your husband listens to you very little and you want him to obey everything you say, then you should do this “Dua to make husband listen to wife.”

3 Beautiful Surah To Ease The Process of Reuniting With Your Partner

  1. Recite verse no. 24 of Surah An Nahl “66” times after Isha namaz with pure intention Inshallah after one week, you will notice a good change in your partner.
  2. Chant this Surah Ar-Rum (30:21) “Wa min Aayaatiheee an khalaqa lakum min anfusikum azwaajal litaskunooo ilaihaa“×33 times after that recite Bismillah 100 times on friday and Inshallah you will see result by monday.
  3. By reciting the verses of Surah At Tawbah, You can increase Love in your partner’s heart and bring happiness to your relationship forever.

3 Beautiful Surah To Ease The Process of Reuniting With Your Partner

If you want your husband to keep faithful towards you, read Dua To Keep Husband Faithful And love his wife

Here Is Wazifa To Reunite Husband And Wife love

  • First Read Durood Sharif 11 Times.
  • Next, recite this dua “Al bismillah war zawu tal Mirah Koirala walod” 100 times
  • Now Pray to Almighty Allah For Reunite husband and wife love again.

Do this Wazifa or Dua to reunite husband and wife love for one Month with Faith in Allah SWT. You will get your husband/wife’s love back. If you are facing any trouble, contact our Molana Ji; the consultation is absolutely free.

If you want your husband to love you and care for you, then you should do this “Wazifa to make husband crazy in love.”

Niyyah For The Reunion of Husband And Wife

Al Aleem, Thank you for always showing me the right path today. I am going to recite Dua to reunite husband and wife OR allah name for husband and wife love Over time, the Love in our relation is faded away. AL-MALIK, help me increase that Love and strengthen my bond.

Al-Adl, I love my partner and want to spend all my life with my better half. You are the only ruler, and no one knows better than you what is right and wrong. Al-Lateef, help me with my difficulty and show me the right way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Reunite My Husband and Wife In Islam?

In Quran, pak surah is the best thing given to solve your problems. If Surah Al Qiyamah verse (1-5) with “Hasbunallahoo wa Lah namall wakell” is done with utter belief in Almighty Allaha, then nothing can stop to reunite husband and wife love.

How Can I Make My Husband Fall In Love With Me In Islam?

Alhamdu lillahi rabbi alAAalameena” you should chant this Ayat to reunite husband and wife 386 times every day. After that, read “Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim” 100 times each day, followed by Darood Sharif eleven times.

Dua For Husband and Wife To Be Together?

After Fajr Salaah, First, make ablution (wuzu). Now recite Allahoo Akbar 100 times before reciting this Dua “Wa illahukum wahid Laa illaha raheemu“. Then make Dum (blow) on a fresh rose. Finally, both husband and wife should smell that rose to be together.

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