Powerful Dua to Bring Husband and Wife Closer (Increase love)


Assalamualaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, to all our Islamic nuskhe readers.

Today’s topic is significant, and it’s all about dua to bring husband and wife closer to the Quran and Sunnah through the tested and verified halal method.

The purpose of writing this article is for any husband and wife who are separated from each other, and if there is any conflict going on between them, then they can come closer to each other with the help of these dua.

We promise you that if you read this article completely and that, too, with true faith in Allah, then, inshallah, the distance between you two will end, and you will come closer once again.

Always remember what Allah SWT said:

“Call upon Me, and I will respond to you”

(Quran 40:60)

The Power of Dua to Overcome Marriage Challenges and Strengthen Your Bond

The love between a husband and wife can continue to grow with time, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Some couples may grow apart due to misfortune or bad luck, which can be one of the saddest things to happen.

The pair could never recover if quick action is not taken, which could cause permanent damage.

So, what can be done to salvage the marriage and relationship? The first step is praying to Allah SWT and making some powerful dua, which we provide you with in this article.

“Whoever makes a supplication in which there is neither sin nor severing of family ties, Allah will grant him one of three things: either his supplication will be granted, or it will be stored up for him in In the future, or a comparable reward will be given to him for it.”

Musnad Aḥmad 11133

Even if only one person realizes it, the relationship can still be saved, whether it is the husband or wife.

To be clear, using any form of magic is not permissible (Shirk) in Islam, and the prayers and procedures described in this article are entirely halal.

Please follow some guidance before performing these duas:

  • Have sincere intentions. Make sure you have honest intentions and ask for something with a pure heart.

“The reward of deeds depends upon the intentions, and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended.”

(Sahih al-Bukhari 1)
  • Faith in Allah SWT You must have complete trust in Allah and believe that He is the only one who can fulfill your desires. Never doubt His power and ability to grant your wishes.

“When Allah loves a person, He tests them. Whoever is content with Allah’s decree will receive His mercy.”

(Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2396)
  • Recite the correct Arabic words. Learning the proper wording for the dua you want to make is essential. This ensures that you are making the correct dua and increases the chances of it being accepted by Allah.
  • Make dua in a state of purity. It is recommended to perform ablution (wudu) or bathe (ghusl) before making dua. This will ensure that you are in a state of purity and will increase the effectiveness of your dua.

Allāh loves those who are constantly repentant and loves those who purify themselves.”

(Quran 2:222)
  • Start Dua at the right time: There are certain times when duas are more likely to be accepted, such as during the last third of the night, after the obligatory prayers, on Friday afternoons, during Ramadan, and while breaking your fast (iftar).

The supplication made between the adhan and the iqamah is not rejected.

(Sunan Abi Dawud 521)
  • Seek forgiveness. Before making dua, it is recommended to seek forgiveness from Allah for any sins or wrongdoings you may have committed. Say, Astaghfirullah.” This will increase your chances of your dua being accepted.

“Verily Allah is All-Pardoning, All-Forgiving

(Quran 22:60)
  • Recite the names of Allah. It is recommended to use the names of Allah while making dua as it shows your recognition of His different attributes and qualities.

“Allah has 99 names; whoever memorizes them will go to Paradise.”

(Sahih al-Bukhari 7392)
  • Don’t perform dua during the menstrual cycle. Women don’t start any dua or wazifa at that time.

 “When a woman gets her menstrual period, she should stop praying and fasting.”

(Sahih Bukhari, Book 6, Hadith 321)

Here Is Dua To Bring Husband And Wife Closer

The Best and Authentic Dua to Bring Husband and Wife Closer is: “Allahuma arzuqniy zawjatan wadudaan waludaan shakuraan ghayuraan ‘iin ‘ahsant shakarat w ‘iin ‘asat ghafarat wa ‘iin dhakart allah taealaa ‘aeanat.” Consistently reciting this supplication with full faith in Allah (SWT) serves as a potent remedy for resolving marriage-related challenges, and husband and wife come close together again.

Reference And Meaning

 This dua is narrated by Imam Ali, and its meaning is: “O Allah, bless me, a friendly wife or husband, and thank You for Your gratitude; if I have done well, thank You; if I have sinned, forgive me; and if you remember God, I have helped you.

Dua To Bring Husband And Wife Closer
Strengthen Your Relationship with the Powerful Dua to Bring Husband and Wife Closer

Dua to Bring Husband and Wife Closer in the following steps:

  1. Start with wudu and recite Takbir (Allah is Great).
  2. Now read the opening chapter of the Quran, Surah al Fatiha.
  4. Finally, pray to Allah (SWT) in your own words to bring your husband and wife closer.

Follow the above method regularly for 15 days without a gap and with full faith in Allah SWT. InshaAllah, you will get your desired answer in these 15 days.

Alternatively, if you want fast and effective results with the help of our experienced Molana Ashif Ali Khan, you can connect with him via WhatsApp.

Please share this article with us as much as you can. If doing so helps someone, then it will be considered as one of your good deeds.

Another Powerful Dua For Love Between Husband And Wife

A Powerful Dua for Love Between Husband and Wife is: “Wa min Aayaatiheee an khalaqa lakum min anfusikum azwaajal litaskunooo ilaihaa wa ja’ala bainakum mawad datanw wa rahmah; inna fee zaalika la Aayaatil liqawminy yatafakkaroon.” This dua creates love, respect, and understanding between husband and wife and solves any marriage problem.

Reference And Meaning

This dua is taken from Surah Ar-Rum 30:21 and its meaning is: “And one of His signs is that He created for you partners from among yourselves so that you may find comfort in them. And He has placed between you affection and mercy.”

Powerful Dua For Love Between Husband And Wife
Improve your Marriage with this Powerful Dua for Love between Husband and Wife

Method to Perform Dua for Love Between Husband and Wife:

  1. Start by reciting “Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim” 11 times.
  2. After that, take your husband or wife’s photo and recite Surah Al-Fath once.
  3. By using Tasbih, recite Surah Ar-Rum Verse No. 21 154 times.
  4. End your dua by praying to Allah SWT to create love between you and blow on your husband or wife’s photo.

Follow this Islamic Halal Ritual for 15 days regularly. InshaAllah, if you perform it correctly, you will see the spark of love in your life again.

There can be multiple reasons why two people may distance themselves from each other. 

It could be due to the involvement of a third person, personal issues that one of the partners may be facing, or a lack of interest in each other’s lives. 

A combination of these reasons often leads to distance between two individuals. But don’t worry; here we share one more powerful dua to increase love between both of you.

Read Dua for marriage problems.

Niyyah to Bring Husband and Wife Closer

We want to tell you that any of your prayers will be accepted only when your intentions are absolutely clear.

If you are not praying with any good intentions and thinking badly about someone, then let me tell you that Allah Taala will never fulfill your prayers.

“The reward of deeds depends upon the intentions, and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 1

Let us know how to perform niyyah for husband and wife closer:

"Al-Wadood," you are the only source of love and affection. Today I am performing this dua to increase the love in our husband-wife relationship. 

"AL-LATEEF," you are the one who teaches us the purest form of love, which is free from any selfishness. "O Merciful," endow me with your blessing. 

"AR-RAHEEM" raises love and affection in our relationship to grow a beautiful bond full of mutual respect and understanding.

Need more help regarding this dua for husband and wife? watch this video

Our dedicated Islamic Nuskhe readers often inquire about the efficacy of specific supplications intended to enhance the love between husbands and wives.

We have made the decision to create an informative video that tackles these worries and provides solutions to all of their issues in response to their many questions.

We are delighted to share this enlightening Quranic video with you, which will only require three minutes of your time.

We can guarantee that after watching this video, you will find all the solutions you need, according to the Quran and Sunnah.

Authentic Dua For Husband And Wife (Increase Love Between You)

A dua for husband and wife (increase love between you) is: “Rabbi hablee min ladunka zaujan tayyiban wayakoonaa sahiban lee fiddeeni wadunyaa wal aahirat.”

Reference And Meaning

This dua is recorded in AT-Trimidhi, and its meaning is: “O Lord, give me the best husband or wife from your side—the husband or wife who also became my best friend in the affairs of religion, world affairs, and the hereafter.”

Dua For Husband And Wife (Increase Love Between You)
Find peace and harmony in your marriage with this dua for husband and wife to increase love and affection.

Step-By-Step Method To perform Dua For Husband And Wife (Increase Love Between You):

  1. After any salah, read Durood Sharif 11 times.
  2. Take half a glass of warm milk in your hands.
  4. Finally, blow on the glass and serve it to your husband or wife to drink.

Repeat this method regularly for 12 days. If you need assistance, please get in touch with Molana Ashif Ali Khan on WhatsApp.


In conclusion, it can be devastating when a marriage faces challenges and the couple grows apart. 

However, praying to Allah through powerful dua can help bring husband and wife closer together.

If you are confused about the above-given dua and which dua and Wazifa are better for you, then we want to tell you that you can make any dua for yourself; you have to have full faith in Allah while doing it.

Still, if you have any questions, then you can write your question in the comment box given below.

It’s essential to have sincere intentions, complete faith in Allah’s power, recite the correct Arabic words, make dua in a state of purity, start at the right time, seek forgiveness, and recite the names of Allah. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any wazifa for love between husband and wife?

    Before beginning, perform a fresh ablution. After that, remember Prophet Mohammad with all your heart and recite Darood Shareef three times. Now recite this:

    Dua: “Rabbana hablana min azwajina wadhuriyyatina, qurrata a’yunin waj’alna lil muttaqina imama” (25:74)

    Translation: “Our Lord! Bestow on us from our spouses and offspring the comfort of our eyes, and make us leaders of the righteous.”

    Again, chant the Darood Shareef three times, and finally make dua to Allah to bring immense love into your husband-wife relationship.

  • Any Allah’s name for husband and wife love?

    There are 99 beautiful names of Allah (SWT), some such that you can make your husband and wife relationship very loving by pronouncing them.

    Some of them are given below:

    Al-Wadud, which means “most loving,” reciting it daily will bring all love and affection into your relationship.

    Al-Rahim reflects “most merciful,” and chanting this name will make your partner more compassionate and forgiving towards you.

    Al-Latif, which signifies most gentleness with the regular recitation of this verse, raises kindness and respect in your bond.

  • Which Surah should I recite to increase love between husband and wife?

    Surah Al-Fatihah (Chapter 1 of the Quran) can be used to increase love between husband and wife. 

    It is considered the most powerful surah of the Quran sharif and is used in obligatory daily prayer. 

    The verses of this surah contain praise and glorification of Allah (SWT). 

    By reciting this surah regularly, you can seek the help and guidance of the merciful Allah to increase love between husband and wife.

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