Powerful Dua For Husband Love Back [100% Effective]

Powerful Dua For Husband Love Back


Dua for husband love back will be the perfect solution to the relationship problems and get rid of the neglect that you experience at your husband’s hand. All women need and deserve respect and love from their husbands, and sometimes they are not given this necessity.

The love between a husband and wife is divine in Islam. Many couples get married, and some find peace and happiness while others don’t. Marriage and love are not smooth roads but can be stressful and quite tiring. Sometimes, the key to a successful marriage is not giving up when times are rough and seeking guidance from the Holy Quran.

We have been graciously given a solution to all of our problems, great and small, by Allah, and we have to seek Allah out in our times of need.
Life is full of complicated incidents that we cannot explain with our human comprehension, but through Allah’s guidance, we can pass through all the obstacles in life. Love has many flaws, and expecting a relationship to work out without any problems is wishful thinking.

Here Is Procedure to Perform Dua for Husband Love Back Step by Step:

Note This – The first step to performing this dua is to make sure that you perform it after the Maghrib Namaz for best results.

  1. It would be best if you were sure you had completed the Wudu or the ablution.
  2. Next, you have to pray the Surah Rahman Verse No. [55:15] Given below.
  3. After the prayer, you must recite the Darood Shareef up to eleven times.
  4. Now remember your husband’s face and pray to Allah for the reunion of your relationship.
  • Surah Rahman [55:15] – “Wa khalaqal jaaan mim maarijim min naar.”
  • English Translation – We are his creation. He made man-like pottery from the sound of clay.

Do this for one week, and remember to have faith in Allah Tala. You will get amazing results within one week. If you want quick results, contact our Molana Ashif Ali Khan by clicking on Consult with us button.

Here is Procedure to Perform Dua for Husband Love Back Step by Step -

Here Is “Dua For Husband Love And Attraction” Step By Step:

Nothing is more important to a wife than her husband, and due to any reason, if he starts ignoring her too, then perform this “Dua For Husband Love And Attraction” with a pure heart 

  1.  First, come to the state of wudu facing Mecca.
  2.  Now recite Allahu Akbarx3 (Allah is great).
  3. After that, recite two raka’t nafil dua before fazar namaz.
  4. Now perform Istighfar and read Darood e Shareef 11 times.
  5. Finally, offer your dua for your husband’s love, drink Zamzam water, and give it to your husband.
  6. Within a week, your bond will become strong, and you will live a happy life.

Dua For Husband Love And Attraction

Niyyah For The Reunion of Husband And Wife

AL-KHALIQ, you have created us with your infinite powers, and no one can be ever more powerful than you, my Allah. Today I am making this dua to reunite my relationship with my husband/wife. I know “AL-‘ALEEM,” you will never show me the wrong path to me because I have your blessings with me. “AL-KABEER” accept my dua and, with your powers, make my life easy by improving my relations with my partner.

Take Some Precautions While doing “Dua For Husband Love Back”

  1. The first and foremost thing you should be sure to do is the Wudu or the ablution, as You should cleanse your body before any dua.
  2. You shouldn’t perform the dua with Haram’s intentions in your mind, as the dua will have no effect.
  3. Women who are having their menses shouldn’t perform the dua.
  4. You shouldn’t tell anyone that you are performing the dua because you might not know who has evil eyes toward you and your husband.
  5. Be sure to use the correct pronunciation for the dua, as incorrect pronunciation will not yield the desired results.
  6. Be sure to follow the procedure for the best results.

All wives wish for their Dua For Husband Love Back and have a special place in their husbands’ minds and hearts. There are instances where the wife lives in an unhappy marriage because her husband doesn’t love her and is attracted to other women.

The wife can use the Dua For Husband Love Back. There are many dua to help you achieve your goal, and they are very powerful, so you should use them only for a just cause.

Here is Powerful Dua for husband and wife to get back together Step by Step –

  • You should first perform an ablution.
  • You should offer the Nafil prayer twice.
  • Then you have to Recite a hundred times the dua given below –
  • “HasbunAllahu wa ni mal wakeel”
  • Then recite forty times the Durood-e-Tunjeena.
  • Take proper care and perform it for seven days or more until you see results.

This powerful dua will help rekindle the love and trust you had with your husband.

Here is Powerful Dua for husband and wife to get back together Step by Step -

Here Is Strong “Wazifa for Husband Love Back” Step by Step:

Everyone wishes to have their companion’s attention and love, and not receiving it can make the relationship seem void and useless. This Wazifa for husband’s love is very powerful and will be effective very fast if you follow the steps properly.

  1. You will have to choose the primary Thursday of the Islamic month to perform this Wazifa.
  2. You should recite the Durood Shareef as many times as possible before three days of performing the Wazifa.
  3. On the day of performing the Wazifa, after finishing up your prayer Isha, Recite the Durood Shareef eleven times.
  4. Recite Surah Al-Kawther [108:3] Given below and, while doing so on each recitation, blow on twenty-one strong black pepper.
  5. Then repeat the Durood Shareef eleven more times and burn and protect the black pepper.
  6. You can make your husband either eat the black pepper with food or drink its water.
  • Surah Al Kauthar [108:3]- “Fasalli li rabbika wanhar Inna shaani’aka huwal abtar”
  • English Translation – “so be changed in prayers and sacrifice to your Lord.”

In a few days, you will be able to say the effects of the Wazifa.

Here is Strong Wazifa for Husband’s Love Step by Step -

How To Make Your “Dua For Husband Love Back” Effective

Dua is a medium through which we can directly send our message to Allah Talah so that Allah listens to our dua and give us a solution to the problems. Allah is the only one who can provide us with the right path, so our main motive is to do dua with complete believe and make it reachable to Almighty Allah.

  • Your Dua should not be weak means filled with pure emotions.
  • Be patient and don’t think negatively that your dua will not be accepted.
  • Drink Zamzam water and recite dua facing toward Qibla Sharif.
  • In that period, don’t commit any sins, or if you made any, then ask for forgiveness and say “Astafirgallah” 33 times.
  • Also, try to do “Hadiya” and “Sadaqah” as much as possible.
  • The dua can be more effective if you keep your husband on your mind or keep a photo of him nearby to focus the dua on him.


Love is a primary necessity in a relationship, and a husband and wife must be united in love; otherwise, their life will be difficult. There are many instances where the husband and wife aren’t in a good relationship and slowly drift away. The partner who wishes to continue the relationship is left with the task of searching for a solution.

Islam can find the answers to your problems and if you perform all Nothing is more important to a wife then her husband and due to any reason if he starts ignoring her too then perform this “Dua For Husband Love And Attraction” with pure heart  and Wazifa properly, your relationship will be happy.

Click On This Important Note Before Doing Any Dua or Wazifa

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There any Surah For Husband Love Back?

Surah Ar-Rahman, Also know as the heart of the Quran, Ar-Rahman Is the most effective Surah for the husband’s love back. We also share the procedure to perform this surah Step by Step. First, Recite Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim five times, Then recite Surah Ar-Rahman Verse (1 To 5) For Three Times. Do this ritual for five days. Remember Faith in Allah SWT when you do this ritual. You will see the effects within five days.

How can I increase love in my husband’s heart?

You can increase your husband’s love for you by performing a Dua to increase love in your husband’s heart. There are many Wazifa and dua which are especially powerful and will be effective. 

I love my husband so much, but my husband is with some other woman. How can I get him back?

Don’t worry. You can perform this Dua to stop my husband from having an affair. Do with all the precautions and pure heart, or if you want quick results, you can consult with our molvi Ji on whatsapp.

My husband is suddenly losing interest in me. I don’t know the reason behind it, but I want him to love me as before?

You can do this Powerful Surah to make your husband love you again. This Surah will help you a lot but do it with a pure heart and keep faith in Allah.

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