Powerful Dua To Remove Bandish From Your Life [100% Works]

Dua To Remove Bandish From Your Life


Aslam Alaikum to all, we provide Dua To Remove Bandish From Your Life in this article. We will discuss ways to prevent various types of Bandish. If you think you are under someone’s Bandish, don’t worry; By reading this article, you will surely get a solution through which you can free yourself from any blockage or trap and live your life to the fullest.

Often, you must have seen that when you do any work, you feel obstacles and get entangled in things very quickly. Slowly, it ruins your confidence, and you lose interest in everything. Sometimes you feel heavy, and your mind does not work appropriately or is not in control.

These blockages can affect your happiness, work, and marriage life. You often have to face consequences you have never imagined, and you blame it on your fate, but it’s not the reason behind it.

To remove all this from your life, you must recite Dua To Remove Bandish From Your Life and wazifa given below, so read the entire paragraph carefully to get results quickly.

Some Guidance Before You Start This Dua And Wazifa

  1. The most important thing is to have pure intention while performing.
  2. Start Dua after proper wuzu because the purity of soul and body is crucial.
  3. Please do not use this Dua for any other wrong thing, as it is against Islam.
  4. Start every dua by “Shahada” (Peace upon prophet Mohammed).
  5. Seat facing towards the direction of Qibla sharif.
  6. If you have made any mistake, say “Astaghfirullah” 5 times and start Dua again.

Here Is “Dua To Remove Bandish From Your Life” Step By Step:

  • The first step is to wake up early and do “wuzu.”
  • After that, perform Fazar salah and Darood Sharif.
  • Now recite this verse of Surah Al-Falaq 101 Times.
  • Wa min sharri ghaasiqin izaa waqab Wa min sharrin-naffaa-saati fil 
  • In the final step, ask Allah (SWT) for mercy and help with all your faith.

Dua To Remove Bandish From Your Life

If you are still facing any problems or having confusion in any step, you can talk with Molana Ashif Ali Khan Ji for better knowledge.

Evil eyes can affect someone to a greater extent and cause a lot of harm. If you are affected by evil eyes, then for protection against them, thisDua to remove evil eyes will help you out in this situation and save you from the harmful effects.

Niyyah To Remove Bandish From Your Life

O AL-‘ALEEM, I seek your advice through your wisdom and my protection through your power. AL-KAREEM, you are the one who decides our fate. There is no one more merciful than you. Al Azeez, you are the one who can heal me with your immense grace, and I know Allah (SWT) will open the door of mercy and show me the right path because I need your help to get me out from all the Bandish.

If your marriage life is facing many difficulties and you want it to be perfect, somehow want to save this marriage from breakdown. This “Wazifa to save your marriagecan change your situation and help you to make your marriage beautiful as before.

Qurani Wazifa For Bandish OR Remove Blockages In Business

NOTE – Start this “Wazifa For Remove Bandish” on Friday night before sleeping.

  1. Take a glass full of Zamzam water.
  2. After that, recite this Dua of “Ruqyah” which is given below 45 times.
  3. In the last step, spread that water on your workspace.
  4. Inshallah, by Monday, you will start noticing the removal of the Bandish.
  • RUQYAH DUA – “Bismillahi arqika, min kulli shay’in yu’dhika, min sharri kulli nafsin”
  • ENGLISH TRANSLATION – “In the name of Allah, I am performing Ruqyah though Allah SWT will heal me if I am affected by anything harmful.”

Qurani Wazifa For Bandish OR Remove Blockages In Business This wazifa has worked well for people affected by Bandish because it’s halal and taken from the Quran sharif, and if you do this correctly, you will see some significant effects in your life.

Black magic is considered haram in Islam and is against the religion. If unluckily you are under black magic or having symptoms of black magic, then this Dua to remove black magic will help you to a great extent. This dua was taken from Quran, which is entirely halal and helps you break the black magic.

Dua To Remove Rukavats From Your Marriage

Suppose you are going through that phase where you want someone to support you and settle down in life. Sometimes, it happens to you that your proposal breaks by the time it happens or breaks after the engagement, and all of a sudden, you start to feel that you have terrible luck.

So all this is happening to you. But have you ever thought there might also be a bandish behind it which someone has done on you. to remove this, follow these steps given below:-

  1. First, start with wuzu and wear neat clothes.
  2. Recitation of Darood sharif three times.
  3. After that, recite 100 TIMES,”Mu’awwidhatayn dua.
  4. A combination of two verses [113:114] of “Surah Falaq” and “Surah An Nas.”
  5. Finally, pray to the merciful Allah to remove Bandish and get married to your perfect match.

Do this dua for two days continuously after each Salah and inshallah after two days, and you will start getting good proposals.

Dua To Remove Rukavats From Your Marriage

If you are surrounded by someone whose company you don’t like, and you feel a lot of negativity from them, and you want them to get out of your life on their own, then this Dua to remove someone from your life is all you need to read, and then that person will slowly go away from your life.

If you want Allah (SWT) to listen to all of your Duas and bless you with what you want in that situation, you have to recite this Dua to get what you want for the immense blessing of Allah talah upon you.

Take Some Precautions While Doing Dua To Remove Bandish From Your Life:

1. This dua is only performed by the person facing the situation.
2. Women don’t achieve this dua in their menses.
3. Don’t use black magic or shirk, as it will go against the Quran.
4. Do not tell anyone about this because it will not show any effects due to evil eyes.
5. Do not think about the result; do the process with utter faith.
6. Be patient and grateful for the other things you have in your life.

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