Powerful Dua To Make Someone Realise His Mistake And Apologise


Assalamu’alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to all our dear Islamic nuskhe readers.

Today’s topic is fascinating, and it’s all about Dua to make someone realise his mistake and apologize in the proper Quranic halal method.

If you have been wronged by someone you care about and wish to make that person realise their mistake, then you can use the dua to make someone realise his mistake. 

This person can be anyone in your life, and if you genuinely wish for this person to be a good part of your life, then using the dua would greatly help you.

There can be many difficult and heartbreaking situations that we go through, and these situations can seem too much sometimes. 

Allah knows that our lives are made in such a way that we will not have a smooth ride but instead face many problems. 

Islam has given us many ways to find and solve our problems through the Holy Quran.

If you want to change someone’s mind with the help of Islamic dua, then recite Dua to make someone change their mind and heart.” 

Dua To Make Someone Realise His Mistake And Apologise

If you want someone to accept his mistake and ask for your forgiveness wholeheartedly then recite: “Wa tammat Kalimatu Rabbika sidqanw wa ‘adlaa; laa mubaddila li Kalimaatih; wa Huwas Samee’ul’ Aleem.” This dua is one of the most powerful dua to make someone realize his mistake.

Reference And Meaning

This dua is taken from Quran chapter 6, verse No.115, and the meaning of this dua is: “The word of thy Lord doth find its fulfillment in truth and justice: None can change His terms: for He is the one who heareth and knoweth all.”

Dua To Make Someone Realise His Mistake And Apologise
We deliver Dua To Make Someone Realise His Mistake And Apologise In This Image.

Methods To Perform Dua To Make Someone Realise His Mistake:

  • Perform proper ablution (wudu)
  • Then, you have to recite the Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Take that person’s photo (Whom you want to realise his mistake)
  • After that, Recite Verse No.6 of Surah Al-An’am 435 times.
  • Finally, blow on the picture and Pray to Allah (SWT) to make them realise his mistake.

Follow this Dua To Make Someone Realise His Mistake regularly for 15 days. Inshallah, your prayers will be answered favorably. 

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If you want to make things easy, you can perform Dua To Make Things Easy.

Wazifa To Make Someone Realize His Mistake

Some people believe that they can do anything and always be correct. Sometimes these people can be highly hurtful in their words and actions, resulting in conflict. 

If you find yourself in a place where you want someone to regret their actions or decisions, then you can perform the wazifa mentioned below.

If you read this dua because you want to create love in someone’s heart for you, then we suggest reading this Dua to put and create love in someone’s heart for you.”

Method To Perform Wazifa To Make Someone Realize His Mistake

  1. Begin the wazifa by performing the ablution.
  2. After that, read Durood E Ibrahimi three times.
  3. Then, recite “AR-RAHMAAN AL-MALIK AL-JABBAR” 435 times.
  4. Ask Allah to bless you and make the person realise his mistake.

You will receive a favorable answer if you continue to perform the dua for the rest of the week.

Dua to make someone realise your importance

A powerful Dua to make someone realise your importance is: “Qul amara Rabbee bilqisti wa aqeemoo wujoohakum ‘inda kulli masjidin wad’oohu mukhliseena lahud deen; kamaa bada akum ta’oodoon.” If you recite this dua daily after fajr and isha Salah with complete faith in Allah (SWT) for that person whom you want to make realise your importance, then within 7 days, you will see positive outcomes in their behavior.

Reference And Meaning

This dua is taken from quran chapter 7 Verse No.29 and the meaning of this dua is: “My Lord hath commanded justice; and that they set your whole selves (to Him) at every time and place of prayer.

Niyyah (Intention That You Are Performing Dua)

“Al-Basit,” you are the one who narrows sustenance with your wisdom. Today I am performing this dua, and I intend to make someone realize his mistake.” 

“AL-‘ALEEM” guides me to the right way to make that person realize his mistake. 

“AL-KABEER,” nothing is impossible for you to make that person feel guilty for his mistake so that I can forgive him and move ahead in my life.

Take Some Precautions While Doing Dua/Wazifa

When performing the Dua To Make Someone Realise His Mistake, there are some basic rules that you should follow, as each dua will be effective only when you can fulfill all the conditions perfectly.

  1. The first precaution you should be aware of is cleaning yourself properly with Wuzu, as purity is necessary for any Dua.
  2. Always remember to perform the dua quietly without disturbances facing the Qibla.
  3. You can complete the dua to make someone feel guilty any day of the week, but you should be persistent once you start.
  4. Women shouldn’t perform this dua during their menses.
  5. Please don’t use this dua for any other evil or haram work, as it will not show any effects.

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In conclusion, Allah will help you achieve any goal as long as you have complete faith and are entirely dedicated to spending your time in prayer and meditation. 

As you continue to meet more and more people, you will realize that everyone is the same and that each person has a different personality, including other likes and dislikes.

A conflict of interest can cause a sense of distrust or anger between you and the other person, leading to physical or mental harm inflicted on you or the other person. 

The person you love doesn’t need to realize their mistake by themselves and return to you, so performing the dua to make someone regret it will help you tremendously. 

Allah will help you find inner peace by making that person realize your importance. Allah can change someone’s mind; if your prayer is genuine, you will receive favorable results.

The dua to make someone realize his mistake and apologize will help you make the person who has been the reason for your pain realize their mistake and return to you for the apology.


How do you make someone realize their mistake?

You can make someone aware of their mistake by performing the powerful dua to make someone realize his mistake. It is a powerful dua that will help change the mind of the person who hurt you.

Is there any dua to forget someone?

Yes, there is a Dua to forget someone.

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  1. Jazakallah. It’s essential to approach conflicts with patience and seek resolution through dua. Following the prescribed methods sincerely can bring positive changes in relationships, making others realize their mistakes.


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