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Assalamu’alaikum, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh to all our beloved Islamic nuskhe readers. 

You have come to the right place if you want your true love back.

This section will give you a surah for love using the proper Halal Method. 

We ensure that you can only find this information on this website. Hence, please read this article and don’t skip any part of it for better understanding.

Thankfully, Islam and the Quran have a solution to even the most hopeless situations, including love-related problems. 

“And this [Qur’an] is a book we have revealed [which is] blessed, so follow it and fear Allah that you may receive mercy.” 

Surah Al-An’aam (6:155)

So far, by using this Surah, thousands of people have fulfilled their wish for Nikah by choice. So, if any of our siblings feel powerless, turn on Allah.

It can only be ordered by Allah and completed. Remember what Allah SWT Said: 

“Call upon me; I will respond to you.” (40:60). There is no need to cry your eyes out or lose hope because you once lost your love.

If you realize that love is beautiful and will cherish it this time, then this Surah is for you.

Follow Some Advice Before You Perform These Surah

Some steps to keep in mind to make your Surah more effective are:

  1. Start any dua or wazifa by cleaning yourself with WUZU, because purity plays a vital role in Islam. “Purity is part of Iman (faith).” (Sahih Muslim)
  2. Offer selawat, as it will double your reward from Allah (SWT). In one of the hadiths, it mentioned, “Whoever sends Selawat upon me once, will be blessed for it by Allah ten times.” (Sahih Muslim)
  3. Perform this prayer in a peaceful and quiet place.” Call on your Lord with utter humility and in private” (Quran 7:55)
  4. Women should not pray this dua during their menstrual cycle.
  5. Be patient, because Allah (SWT) has decided the best thing for us at the right time.“Perhaps you would hate a thing, yet Allah places much, much good in it.” (Quran 4:19)
  6. Please don’t use this dua for any other evil or haram use, as it will be counted as a major sin.

Surah For Love Back

Authentic Surah For Love Back is Surah An-Nisa Verse No. 1: “Yaaa aiyuhan naasut taqoo Rabbakumul lazee khalaqakum min nafsinw waahidatinw wa khalaqa minhaa zawjahaa wa bas sa minhumaa rijaalan kaseeranw wa nisaaa’a.” Recite this surah if you want lost love back in your life again with the given method below.

Reference And Meaning

This dua is taken from Surah An-Nisa, and this supplication means: “O humankind, be mindful of your Lord, who created you from one soul and created from it its mate and dispersed from both of them many men and women.”

Surah For Love Back
We deliver Surah for Love back in this Image.

Method to Perform Surah for Love Back:

  1. It begins with “WUZU.”
  2. Now, recite the beautiful names of Allah (SWT): AR-RAAFI, AR-RAHEEM.
  3. Recite Surah An-Nisa Verse No. 1 with Tawakkul 453 times.
  4. After that, take the name of your lover and drink Zamzam.
  5. Finally, finish your dua by offering the beloved Prophet Mohammed a salutation.

Follow this Surah for 15 days regularly if you want a positive outcome from your loved one. 

If you need help, consult with our Molana Ashif Ali Khan by clicking the What’s App icon below.

Surah ikhlas Wazifa To Get Love Back

To Get your lost Love Back, recite this dua: “Qul huwal laahu ahad Allah hus-samad Lam yalid wa lam yoolad Wa lam yakul-lahoo kufuwan ahead.” 545 times after every Salah and follow the given method correctly.

Reference And Meaning

This dua is taken from Quran Surah Al-Ikhlas Verse No. 112, and this supplication means: “He is Allah, the One and Only; Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; and there is none like unto Him.”

Surah ikhlas Wazifa To Get Love Back

Method to Perform Surah ikhlas Wazifa To Get Love Back:

  1. Do ablution and wear clean clothes.
  2. Say, “Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem.” 100 times.
  3. Now take a photograph of your love.
  4. Recite Surah Al-Ikhlas Verse No. 112 after Fazar Namaz 324 times.
  5. Blow on the photo and ask Allah (SWT) to get your love back into your life.

Do this ritual twice every Jummah (Friday) during Fazar Namaz to get quick results, inshallah.

If you need help and want quick and effective results, you can contact our Molana Ashif Ali Khan on the WhatsApp app. 

Wazifa is decisive for the solution of love marriage problems. 

You should use Wazifa in a love marriage if you are facing troubles in your love marriage. It will act as Allah’s blessing and eradicate all barriers between you and your true love.

Niyyah (the intention of why you are performing Dua)

Ar-Raheem, you are the only one with extreme kindness, and there is no god except you. I am performing this dua to get my love back into my life. 

AL-‘ALEEM, you are all-knowing; nothing remains hidden from your knowledge. As you know, I love that person and intend to marry that person. 

Al-Qadir, the holder of powers, says nothing is impossible for you. Guide me to the right path with your wisdom to get my love back.

“Actions are judged by intentions (niyyah), so each man will receive what he has intended for.”

[Bukhari & Muslim].

How to Make Surah More Effective

Surah in the Quran is the only source from which you can talk to Allah Ta’ala about your issue.

By reciting Surah, you will come closer to Allah SWT, and the blessings of Allah Ta’ala will shower on you. 

If you want to make these surahs even more powerful, we will tell you some ways in which you can increase their effect:

  • Recite Surah at the time of Fajar Salah

The time of Fajr Salah is when the angels of Allah see you praying or reciting the Qur’an, so this is the best time to make Surah more powerful.

  • Recite Surah On Jumman (Friday)

For all Muslims, the day of Jummah is exceptional; it is considered the week’s most important day.

It is also believed that you will be accepted by praying for Dua on this day, and Muslims show their whole community together. Our beloved Prophet (SAW) says:

While advancing to the mosque for Jummah prayer, a Muslim is awarded the virtues of fasting all year for taking every step.

  • Perform These Surah when it’s raining.

If you see it raining outside, you can start reciting this Surah immediately. It is believed that Allah showers divine grace and mercy on his servants when it rains.

And this is when you will surely get the answer to your prayer. The Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: 

“Two (duas) are not rejected: dua at the time of the call to prayer and dua at the time of rain.”

Narrated by al-Hakim in al-Mustadrak (2534) Sahih al-Jami (3078).

If your husband does not love you anymore and wants him to love you again, you recite this Surah to make your husband love you again.

Hadith About Surah for love

Islam is the only religion in the world that teaches us about many things. Similarly, with the help of Hadith in Islam, you can learn a lot and quickly find solutions to many of your problems. 

So here we share some hadith about Surah Ikhlas: Imam Malik ibn Anas recorded that Ubayd bin Hunayn said:

He heard Abu Hurayrah say, “I went out with the Prophet, and he heard a man reciting Surah Al Ikhlas. So, the prophet said: It is obligatory.

I asked: What is obligatory?” and he replied: Paradise.”

Aisha narrated, “Whenever the Prophet went to bed every night, he cupped his hands together and blew over them after reciting Surah Al-Ikhlas, Surah An-Nas, and Surah al-Falaq. 

Then he rubbed his hands over every part of his body he could, starting with his face, head, and front. He did that three times every night.”

Narrated by Al-Tirmidhi, “Say Surat Al Ikhlas and al-Mu’awwidhatayn three times in the morning and the evening; they will suffice you from everything.”

Benefits of Surah ikhlas for Marriage And Love

Surah Ikhlas (112th chapter of the Quran, which is linked with unity and oneness of God) Surah Ikhlas is a surah from the Quran through which we can attain Allah’s love and gratitude.

Surah Ikhlas is connected with sincerity and purity towards Allah (SWT). The benefits you can get only by reading the verses of Surah al-Ikhlas are equal to one-third of the entire Quran.

With the help of Surah Ikhlas, we become closer to Allah, and Allah SWT answers our duas quickly.

With the regular recitation of Surah Ikhlas by the child’s parents, their marriage will have no obstacles.

Here Is a Summary of This Article

With the help of this article, we will learn about some Quranic surahs through which we can get our loved ones back into our lives.

All you need is to recite those Surahs with the correct method so that you can achieve the goals in your mind.

“Ask, and you will be given. Ask, and you will be given.” (Tirmidhi). 

Have a clear explanation of exactly what you want. Don’t hesitate while asking Allah (SWT).

Prophet Mohammed mentioned that Allah (SWT) is from heaven and said, “Who is calling me so I can answer him? Who is asking something of Me that I may give it to him?” (Bukhari, Muslim)

Many of our followers achieved what they wanted in their lives with the help of this Surah. 

If you want to get someone or something back, you can recite this Surah, and if you have any doubt regarding anything, you can contact our Molana Ashif Ali ji through WhatsApp.

Important Note: Before Doing Any Dua or Wazifa

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Surah is about love?

Surah Ya-Sin. You can quickly regain your love by reciting Surah Ya-Sin for one week.

There are various techniques in Islamic tradition to reclaim your desire for love. Read “Hasbunallah wanikmal wakil” every day 371 times with Surah Yasin. You will get your love back in one week through this Surah.

I want to make my partner madly in love with me. Which dua do I recite?

If you want to make your partner madly in love, you can perform this Dua to make someone fall in love with you. This will help you get good results.

Can performing dua change someone’s heart?

Yes, dua is a mighty prayer to Allah by a pure heart and is very effective. You can perform this Dua to convince someone that it will help you.

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