Powerful Dua for good life partner (100% Effective)


Today, in this article, we will give you Dua for good life partner (prayer) that if you do it with a true heart, Allah Taala will bless you with a good life partner.

If you find a good life partner, you will understand that you have achieved everything you desire.

It has been seen many times that people who do not find a good life partner cannot live a good life.

If you want to avoid all these things and have a good life partner in the future, then follow the dua given below with the proper halal method.

Read this article until the end to learn how to perform this dua.

You can get a good life partner with the help of this dua.

What Is Dua for Good Life Partner, and How Does It Work? 

Dua for Good Life Partner is a medium through which you can express your request to Allah Ta’ala. 

After performing this dua, you can find a partner who is better for you.

It is possible that you like someone in your life with whom you want to marry, but many obstacles are coming between you both that prevent your marriage

You can perform this dua in this situation, easing your problem.

If you make this dua with a true heart, Allah Ta’ala will surely listen.

And your marriage with a good life partner will be confirmed soon. 

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Powerful Dua for good life partner

To get a good life partner, you have to recite Surah An-Nahl (chapter 16), Verse No. 23, “LAA JARAMA ANNAL LAAHA YA’LAMU MAA YUSIRRONA WA MA YU’LINOON” 435 times. Which means “Without a doubt, Allah knows what they conceal and what they reveal.”

Perform this dua with the below method.

Steps to perform Dua for good life partner:

  1. After any salah, Make an ablution (wudu)
  2. Set a sincere intention (niyyah).
  3. Read Durood Shareef 11 times.
  4. Recite verse 23 of Surah An-Nahl (chapter 16) 435 times.
  5. Finally, pray to Allah (SWT) for a good life partner.

Inshallah, do these steps every day for 21 days without gaping. Your desired results will soon be fulfilled.

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Guidelines or Rules To Follow When You Are Performing Dua:

To improve the sincerity and effectiveness of your dua (prayers), following specific guidelines and requirements is essential when making dua (supplications) in Islam. 

Below are some guidelines:

Here are some of the guidelines you should follow before starting this dua:

  1. Start with “Hamd and Shukr,” or praise and gratitude: Begin your dua by giving thanks and praise to Allah SWT.
  2. Face the Qiblah: Facing the Kaaba (Qiblah) at Mecca during your dua.
  3. Raise Your Hands: Raise your hands in a posture of prayer and humility.
  4. Be in a State of Ritual Purity (Wudu): It is recommended to make dua clean.
  5. Be Sincere and Focused: Perform the dua with a focused mind and sincerity.
  6. Don’t perform in menstruation: Women don’t perform dua during their period.
  7. Invoke Allah by His Names: When performing a du’a, refer to Allah SWT by one or more of His many names.
  8. Be Patient and Accept Allah’s Will: Understand that Allah responds to prayers according to His timing.

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Benefits of Reading Dua for Good Life Partner

Here are the benefits of reading a dua for good life partner:

  • Connection with Allah: Engaging in dua builds a strong relationship with Allah, as it shows reliance on divine guidance.
  • Guidance for Righteous Partner: The dua seeks Allah’s advice in finding a righteous life partner. 
  • Forgiveness and Blessings: Dua is a means of seeking forgiveness for past mistakes and asking for Allah’s blessings for a life partner.
  • Overcoming Challenges: You can ask Allah (SWT) to provide the strength to overcome challenges that may arise in the journey of marriage. 
  • Lifelong Effects: Believers trust that the effects of this dua are so powerful that they last forever.


This article provides a powerful and effective way to get a righteous life partner through this dua for a good life partner. 

Our expert, Molana Ashif Ali Khan, designed this dua based on authentic sources and lots of hard work.

The primary purpose of delivering this dua is to guide you in finding the right one for you by seeking divine help through this dua.

We promise that you will see positive outcomes from this dua if you perform it sincerely with pure heart.

Many people get results beyond their imagination by performing this dua, and we assure you that it will also help you in your journey.

We want to inform you of the internet scams going on in the name of Allah for money, which many people tell us.

Islamic Nuskhe is a halal website created for the betterment of the Muslim community by helping in every aspect of life through effective duas and wazifa given by our Molana ji.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which surah is good for a life partner?

Surah Yasin” is one of the best duas for finding a good life partner.

Early in the morning, recite verse no. 36 of the surah 500 times, then recite Durood Shareef 11 times, and pray to Allah (SWT) to bless you with the right life partner.

How do you get a good life partner in Islam?

In Islam, every Muslim seeks Allah’s guidance and blessings through Dua for any aspect of life, small or big, and for important decisions like finding a good life partner, you should show reliance upon Allah (SWT) by making sincere Dua like Dua for good life partner. 

How do you make dua to marry someone you love?

If you want to marry someone you love, you should perform this powerful Dua to marry someone you love with all your heart.

By reciting this dua, you can ask for Allah’s guidance in getting married to your love without facing any challenges.

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