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As-salam Alaykum, if you need to Stop your Husband from Having an Affair with another woman, this “Dua To Stop My Husband Having Affairs” works like a charm.

Everyone faces some difficulties in life, and Allah is the only one who can help us.

Every wife wishes to be respected and loved by her husband, and when he leaves you for another woman, he commits adultery. It’s a painful ordeal for the wife.

This dua is helpful to save you from such a problematic situation.

This can be a harrowing situation for the wife and might seem hopeless, but it’s not.

The dua is the perfect solution if you think your husband or boyfriend is having an affair out of wedlock or cheating on you with another woman.

The dua will help you greatly if you find yourself looking for a way to bring your husband or boyfriend to his senses and realize his mistake. 

Even if your husband is not having an affair and is only thinking of having an affair, this dua will change his mind and give you trust in your heart.

However, there is no perfect relationship without misunderstandings and conflicts as it’s a union of people of two different personalities, and each person will have other likes and dislikes.

Sometimes the situation would seem like it’s too late to do anything if you find out that your husband had been cheating on you. 

There will be a loss of trust when there is conflict in a relationship, leading to a falling out of Love.

Later, this lack of confidence will be why one person leaves the other for another woman or man.

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Reasons Due To Which Affairs Happened?

  1. Firstly, some arranged marriages can be a source of extramarital affairs, especially if it is a forced and hurried marriage.
  2. There is no fundamental understanding between the two because they were strangers before their wedding.
  3. Secondly, when there is a lack of trust, there will be a conflict leading to severe complications between the couple, leading to one of the two or finding comfort elsewhere.
  4. Thirdly, financial problems can also contribute to illicit affairs.

Powerful Dua To Stop My Husband Having Affairs

If you want to stop your husband having affairs with any other women then recite this dua: Arrijaalu qawwaamoona ‘alan nisaaa’i bimaa fad dalallaahu ba’dahum ‘alaa ba’dinw wa bimaaa anfaqoo min amwaalihim.”

Reference And Meaning

This dua is taken from Quran chapter 4, Verse No.34, and the meaning is: “Men are the protectors and maintainers of women because Allah has given them more (strength) than others and because they support them by their means.”

Dua To Stop My Husband Having Affairs
Find inner peace and tranquility with this soothing Dua To Stop My Husband Having Affairs

Method To Perform Dua To Stop My Husband Having Affairs:

  1. Make Wuzu.
  2. Read Durood Shareef and perform Takbir.
  3. Recite Verse No.34 of Surah An-Nisa 231 times and blow on three cardamoms.
  4. Make a sweet dish with that cardamom, and give it to your husband.
  5. Finally, Pray To Allah SWT to stop your husband from having an affair.

Have faith in Allah Tala, and Do this for one week. You will get the effects by the regular recitation of dua for two to three weeks. If your husband is in an affair, then This Dua will stop it.

If you want quick and effective low-time results, you can consult with our Molana Ashif Ali Khan on WhatsApp.

If your husband doesn’t love you and wants to make him love you, perform Dua to Increase Love in your Husband’s Heart.

Powerful Dua For Cheating Husband To Stop Having Affairs

Highly effective Dua For your Cheating Husband To Stop Having Affairs is: “Wa maa ubarri’u nafsee; innan nafsa la ammaaratum bissooo’i illaa maa rahima Rabbee; inna Rabbee Ghafoorur Raheem.” If you perform this dua with complete faith in Allah (SWT) with the given method below, then your husband will stop cheating on you.

Reference And Meaning

This dua is taken from Quran chapter 12, verse no.53, and here is the meaning of this dua: “The (human) self is inclined to evil, except when my Lord bestows His Mercy (upon whom He wills). Verily, my Lord is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

Dua For Cheating Husband To Stop Having Affairs
Improve your communication and understanding with your husband by Dua For Cheating Husband To Stop Having Affairs

Method to Perform dua to protect husband from Zina:

  1. Make WUDU.
  2. Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  3. Recite Surah Yusuf Ayat 53 435 times after any salah.
  4. Finally, Pray To Allah SWT to stop your husband from having an affair with anyone.

Have faith in Allah Tala, and Do this for one week. You will get the effects within one week. If your husband is in an affair, then This Dua will stop it.

Marriage is not only about rosy paths but also painful moments; if you don’t fight for what you want, you will not get it. If your husband is aggressive, you can perform Dua For Aggressive Husband.

Niyyah (Intention That Why You Are Performing Dua)

“AL-MUJEEB,” you respond to all my dua, and only you are worthy of worship.

“AL-AZEEZ” No one is greater than you. Today I am performing this Dua for my husband for not having an affair with other women.

“AL-MALIK,” the holder of all the powers, with your wisdom, guide my husband to the right path. 

“AL-KAREEM” helps him become a better person so he can focus on his family and wife.

Precautions to Perform This Dua

Allah will answer your supplication if you are prepared to follow all the instructions. Since every dua is a prayer to Allah, it should be performed appropriately, as shown below.

  1. You should perform this dua without any breaks.
  2. Women shouldn’t perform this dua during their menses.
  3. Prepare to accept whatever answer Allah gives you, because He knows best.
  4. Be sure that you aren’t harboring any evil thoughts in your mind while performing this dua.
  5. Follow all the instructions that are given precisely.
  6. You must have complete faith in Allah to solve your problem.
  7. You can contact Molana Ashif Ali Khan for fast and effective results.

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Frequently asked questions

Is There Any Surah to Stop My Husband from Having an Affair?

Surah Ar Rahaman is the Most Powerful Surah for your marriage life problem. If you recite correctly with faith in Almighty Allah, you will get your desired result within five days.

I love my husband, but he is suddenly losing interest in me. Which dua will help me?

First of all, keep hope and faith in Allah. Don’t worry; recite this Powerful Dua for your husband’s Love back. Perform this Dua with a pure heart and good intentions. It will surely give you good results.

I want my husband to love me back, and he is with another woman. Which dua can help me?

If your husband is with some other woman and you need your husband back in your life, you recite Surah Al Mursalat after isha namaz for one week. 

Do it with good intentions and precautions. You can also contact our Molvi Ji if you want quick results. They will provide you best Islamic ways to find the solution to your problems.

My husband does not love me as he did before. Which dua can help me?

You can do this, Dua, to create Love in your husband’s heart. It will solve your problem, and you will get good results.

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