Dua to Increase Love in Husband Heart

Procedure to Perform Dua to Increase Love in Husband Heart

Love is one of the primary principles in Islam, and the love between a husband and wife is of the most sacred nature. Islam has given us many solutions to each and every problem in our life through the Holy Quran. The dua to increase love in husband heart can help you increase the love your husband has towards you. In certain instances, there can be arguments and fights between a husband and fight, and just like the good moments, the bad moments are also part of the marriage. The key to a successful marriage is to not give up on it and put your trust in Allah and in each other.

The dua to increase love in husband heart is an effective and powerful dua, so you can expect it to have immediate results.

Read this article fully. Don’t skip any part of this article. Before performing any dua and wazifa you should know that dua works slowly. if you want an immediate result, You should contact Molana Ji.

Procedure to Perform Dua to Increase Love in Husband Heart

A good marriage can only be built on the fundamentals of love and happiness, which means that if the wife or husband is unhappy with each other, then there are chances that problems will arise in that relationship. There can be a number of reasons why a husband will lose love for his wife even if she is a faithful and obedient wife . It can be social media, work stress, or something else, and the wife will feel neglected then do Dua for love and attraction. We can change that situation by reciting the dua to increase love in husband heart. If you feel that your husband is no longer in love with you or isn’t giving you any attention you then you can use this dua.

  • The first step before performing any dua is to make a fresh wuzu.
  • After completing the wuzu, you should begin by reading the Durood Shareef.
  • After you finish reading the Durood Shareef, you should recite the dua given below.

Allahumma inni as-aluka hubbak.

Wa Hubba man ahabbak.

Wa hubba amanlin yu-qarribuni ila hubbik.

  • After reciting the dua, you should read the Durood Shareef again.
  • Then you can choose any sweet dish for this dua and blow on it.
  • You can make your husband eat the sweet so that the dua will be complete.

This dua is powerful enough to give you instant results.

Perform This Dua to Increase Love in Husband Heart

Precautions to Perform Dua to Increase Love in Husband Heart

A dua is a supplication to Allah, and sometimes when we perform a dua, we do it for the wrong reasons, or we don’t have enough faith, which will lead to the dua failing. There are a number of things one should keep in mind before performing the dua, and its critical that you do so.

  • Before every dua, its important that you cleanse your body of impurities.’
  • Your mind shouldn’t harbor any sort of evil thought or intention, or your dua will only have a negative outcome.
  • When performing the dua, you are offering supplication to Allah to help you with the problem in your life, which means you need to trust and have complete faith in Allah. Don’t perform the dua without faith.
  • You shouldn’t be impatient if your dua isn’t answered at that moment, as Allah knows what is best for each and every person.
  • You shouldn’t set any conditions while performing the dua as Allah can do anything, and you are only a supplicant requesting help and guidance.
  • Women who are going through their period shouldn’t perform dua until their menstruation is over.

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Dua to Melt Husband Heart

Sometimes there are times when your husband might seem like he doesn’t love you anymore, is angry at you all the time, extremely strict, or seek love from other women. These situations can be extremely painful, and the wife might have a hard time making her husband love her again and treat her with respect. You might be going through one of these situations and feeling hopeless, but you don’t have to worry as long as you perform the dua to melt husband heart. Allah sees the love between a wife and a husband as of a divine nature, and its your right to have your husband’s love and attention.

Procedure to perform Dua to Melt Husband Heart

A happy marriage doesn’t necessarily mean that the couple has no problems between them. The husband might fall out of love and go after other women or indulge himself in other activities then do this Dua to Break Up a Couple or Separate Two Persons, which can be quite hurtful to the wife. This dua to melt the husband’s heart is a very powerful dua that will definitely be effective for a difficult situation. The following instructions can help you perform this dua to get the best results.

  • You have to perform ablution before the dua.
  • After that, you have to recite the Durood e Ebrahimi three times.
  • After completing the recitation, you have to recite the dua given below ten times.

La Ilaha Illallah, Wahdahu La Sharika Lahu, Lahul-Mulku Wa Lahul-Hamdu, Yuhyi Wa Yumitu, Wa Huwa Ala Kulli Shai’in Qadir.

  • After reciting the dua, you should recite the Durood e Ebrahimi three more times.
  • Once you have completed reciting the Durood e Ebrahimi, read verse 98 from the Surah Nahl.
  • Then you have to read the Ayat al Kursi.
  • After completing the above-given instructions you have to ask Allah for His blessings and pray to Him so that your husband will come back to you and shower you with his love and attention. ‘

This dua will help you by preventing your husband from cheating on you and make him faithful, loving, and kind to you.

Dua to Increase Love in Husband Heart

Precautions to Perform Dua to Melt Husband Heart

Sometimes your dua will not be answered, and your husband will still not show any sort of interest towards you, and it may because of a number of reasons. Your prayer should be perfect in the sight of Allah otherwise, your dua will have no effect.

  • Your dua might have been of a weak-willed nature.
  • You should be prepared to accept whatever the outcome of the prayer because Allah knows what is best for you, and you should be prepared to accept anything from Allah.
  • Women should refrain from performing the dua if they are on their menstruation.
  • Never perform the dua with evil intentions.
  • You should be a devout Muslim who prays five times a day.
  • Perform the dua in a place where you are sure you will not be disturbed.
  • Follow the instructions completely so that you will get your desired outcome.


The Dua to melt husband heart and the dua to increase love in husband heart can be of great help to women who feel isolated form their husband.  Every wife desires her husband’s love and respect, and these dua can help you achieve your dream or you can do dua to get what you want .

. There are many solutions out there in the world, but Islam has all the solutions for your problems, and Allah can help you if you are prepared to trust and pray for the right solution.


How do I melt my husband’s heart?

Ans:  In Islam, it is the wife’s duty to pray for her husband’s welfare and protection. You should be someone who attends to the needs of your husband and don’t insist on anything.

Which Surah is good for husband and wife?

Ans: The Surah Yasin is considered the best Surah for husband and wife. The wife should take 7 almonds and blow on it after reciting the Surah Yasin seven times and then make the husband eat it.

How can I increase love in my husband heart?

Ans: You can perform the perform dua to increase love in your husband heart and wazifa. This dua possesses a lot of spiritual power as many women seek for the love of their husbands and look for a permanent solution.

How do I control my husband’s mind in Islam?

Ans: The dua to control your husband’s mind can help you have an influence over your husband’s behavior. Controlling anyone for the wrong reason is sinful so if you perform this dua there should be just reasons. 

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