Dua To Agree Or Convince Parents For Love Marriage

Prayers To convince parents for love marriage

Few lucky souls in the world are fortunate enough to have found that someone special who is worth spending their life with. Those are the ones who easily end up getting married without any opposition or difficulties from their parents or society. Dua To Agree Or Convince Parents For Love Marriage

But, what happens when your own parents are against your love marriage? In that time, are you supposed to just give up and move on with your life? Of course not! It’s anything but easy to give up on someone that you obviously love more than your own life. You need to do everything you can to turn things around.

Dua To Agree Or Convince Parents For Love Marriage
Dua To Agree Or Convince Parents For Love Marriage

Wazifa for love marriage to agree parents in hindi

Sometimes simply trying to convince your parents will not work. In that case, you can always turn to Islamic dua and wazifa. It will show you a guided path on how you can turn things around. This dua is so powerful that it will melt even the hardest of the soul.

We know that Islam is a religion of love and faith. To win your love, you need to have faith in the powers of Allah Tallah. By performing this dua you can get your parents to agree for your Nikah with the person of your liking. Whoever it is you want to get married to, they will soon agree with you. Their behavior will also change towards your proposal as well as towards the person with whom you wish to have Nikah.  You will see that whatever problem you were facing, they are fading away. dua for parents approval for marriage

Why your parents’ permission is essential for Nikah in Islam

Your parents are an indispensable part of your life. You would obviously not want to go against their wishes and get married. Only get married if and when you have your parents’ blessings. And for that, you need to do everything possible.Dua To Agree Or Convince Parents For Love Marriage You can always start with dua. This will help you earn your parents blessings and they would willingly make arrangements for your marriage. dua for love marriage

Dua To Agree Or Convince Parents For Love Marriage
Dua To Agree Or Convince Parents For Love Marriage

Dua to convince his parents for love marriage

In sha Allah you will have the most beautiful ceremony with the help of this powerful Islamic wazifa and dua. Marriage is an important institution. It is very crucial that you have your parents present during the ceremony otherwise you won’t have the much needed blessings for the wedded bliss. surah for love marriage

How to perform this dua
  • The duration of this dua is 28 days
  • You will need to start by reciting surah yaseen three times
  • Then you will need to recite ya wadudu at least 1000 times
  • Now recite durood shareef 11 times
  • Blow it on a glass of water and a sugar cube
  • Now make sure to mix this sugar in your parents’ food and also make sure to get your parents to drink that glass of water.
Continue to do this for at least 28 days. After that once again ask your parents for marriage with the said person. In sha Allah, this time around they will have a different reaction – a positive one. dua to convince parents for something
surah to convince parents for love marriage

If, due to some bad luck, you feel you won’t be able to perform this dua, then you need to talk to our Molvi Saab. He will offer you added guidance to put an accelerator on everything. With the help of our experienced Molvi saab, this dua will work faster so you can get married as soon as possible. wazifa for love marriage surah ikhlas

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