Powerful Dua To Bring Wife Back Home: Wazifa To Get Your Wife Back


This Dua To Bring Wife Back Home is to bring her home to you, where she belongs.

You’ve had a falling out or a misunderstanding, or maybe someone is meddling in your marriage, and now your wife is no longer with you. 

She has left you and the home, which is rightfully hers.

Do you want her back? You wish things were different and she never left? Well, there is a dua to help you bring her back, restore your relationship, and strengthen it.

Allah SWT says a husband and wife’s relationship is unique and pure, as he also mentions in the holy Quran that the wife is described as a man’s garment and vice versa. 

Therefore, they must support each other through love and respect.

Steps to perform Dua to Bring Wife Back Home:

  1. After any Salah, make Wudu.
  2. Read Durood Sharif 11 times.
  3. Take your wife’s photo and recite “rabbi inni lima anzalta” 343 times.
  4. Finally, blow on your wife’s photo and pray to Allah SWT to bring her back home.

Repeat these steps daily for 21 days, inshallah. You will see your wife come back home in these 21 days.

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Dua to Bring Wife Back Home
Unlock divine blessings to bring your wife back home by performing this Dua to Bring Wife Back Home.

Importance of Dua To Bring Wife Back Home

The man must protect his wife, as the woman is made from a man’s rib; if you try to straighten it, then you have to read “Dua for wife.”

Women in Islam have been given the utmost respect, as they bear a lot and are emotional creatures of Allah SWT.

The wife is the one who makes a house a home, gives birth to children, and raises them to keep her husband happy. The foundations of a happy life are very simple.

It is individual humans who decide to make marriage and life hard.

Live together, respect one another, and walk with faith and love in your heart, and life will be simple.

A husband and wife’s relationship is just that—nothing can be easier than the lives of two people who have come together in the most beautiful way possible to complete half of their marriage.

Marriage completes half of one’s deen, and the rest is your life journey and how to both bring each other closer to Allah SWT to complete the rest.

So now, we give you one powerful wazifa to bring your wife back home.

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Wazifa To Get Your Wife Back

  • Perform Ablution After Thajud.
  • Now, say “Astaghfirullah” 786 times.
  • Take your wife’s cloth.
  • Recite Surah Ikhlas (chapter 112) 12 times.
  • Finally, blow on that thing and pray to Allah SWT to get your wife back.

Follow this method for at least ten days. You will surely hear good news.

You need to remember, apart from praying and making her happy, that you, as the husband, also need to take some action in your own hands to show your wife you want her back home, love her, and will support her.

Wazifa To Get Your Wife Back
Learn Wazifa To Get Your Wife Back home.

However, if you feel like you have done all the actions possible to show her you want her back home and still nothing is working, then follow this method.

To bring your wife back home, recite Surah Ikhlas (Chapter 112) 34 times daily after each salah for 21 days.

Even so, making dua and acting upon it simultaneously will only increase your chances for the better. But if it is impossible, Allah SWT understands you and your situation best.

You must have full faith in Allah SWT that he will answer your dua and help you, as your intentions are pure.

If you want to make your wife fall in love with you, then read “Dua to make someone fall in love with you.”


Allah SWT says, “Call upon me, and I will be there.” He is always there; we just need to cry out to him and show him how badly we want something.

Pray five times a day, and if possible, pray Tuhujjut. 

Tuhujjut is the best time to make dua; it never goes unanswered. It is by invitation of Allah SWT that he comes down during this time to help those in need.

Make sure you make ablution, wear clean clothes, and have your wife in your heart or mind or a picture of her before making your dua. 

If possible, try talking to your in-laws and children (if you have any); we understand if you have tried everything and nothing worked.

Alternatively, you can contact us on WhatsApp if you have any questions. 

Also, not to mention, Molana Ji has 25 years of experience doing special Quranic duas to solve people’s problems. 

If, for some reason, your situation is blocked by a problem that you cannot personally fix, such as black magic, then Molana Ji can fix it.

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