Islamic Wazifa or Dua for marriage proposal acceptance

Wazifa or Dua for marriage proposal acceptance

The thought of marriage and starting a brand new chapter of life is certainly an exciting one. For some it can bring on a storm of emotions ranging from happiness, anxiety, giddiness. Islamic Wazifa or Dua for marriage proposal acceptance But, for some it can bring a lot of nervousness. dua for immediate marriage proposal. It usually happens when you want to get married to a specific someone. However, many of us are afraid to express our emotions and extend a proposal for marriage.

Perhaps you also love that beautiful girl and want to marry her. wazifa for desired proposal But, if you fear that for some reasons- may be financial, familial, or status wise. If you fear your proposal will be rejected, then you need the help of Islamic wazifa. Do you want to know how to perform dua for getting your marriage proposal accepted? Then keep reading.

Islamic Wazifa or Dua for marriage proposal acceptance
Islamic Wazifa or Dua for marriage proposal acceptance

How to perform this dua

  • Sit in a quiet room; preferably the one where you perform obligatory namaaz
  • Now make a fresh ablution
  • Recite surah at least 13 times
  • Now recite “ya allah hamiduallah” 500 times
  • Once again recite a verse from surah 9 times
Repeat this process for at 29 days

Overcoming fear of rejection with Islamic wazifa

Many times, so many people are not able to marry the love of their life due to sheer nervousness or fear of rejection. These strong emotions can sometimes paralyze you and come in the way of your happiness. Do not let that happen. Islamic Wazifa or Dua for marriage proposal acceptance By performing Islamic wazifa, not only do you increase your chances of acceptance by your loved one. But you also develop confidence in yourself. When you will approach that girl of your dreams with confidence for marriage. She will automatically want to spend her life with you.

Getting your proposal accepted by the family

At times, it so happens that the girl and the boy wants to marry each other. But often their families can come in the way. This familial objection can come from either side. dua for marriage proposal in islam It could come from your own family or the family or the other person. In any case. By regularly performing this Islamic dua and wazifa for successful marriage proposal. You will see the nature of opposing parties slowly but surely beginning to change. They will begin to support you in your decisions and choices.

Islamic Wazifa or Dua for marriage proposal acceptance

Wazifa for marriage proposal for girl

Why you should perform this dua Love is the foundation of marriage. If you love someone. consider yourself lucky because that means you have a greater chance at a successful marriage. Which many people are not able to enjoy. wazifa for marriage proposal acceptance That is why, if you finally do find that someone special. Do not let anyone or anything – even your own doubt come in the way. One of the reasons you should perform this dua is that you shouldn’t let love slip away. Islamic Wazifa or Dua for marriage proposal acceptance And also, because you deserve love, happiness and a successful marriage. All of which are essential for a happy and purposeful life.

Dua for marriage with a loved one

Talk to our molvi saab If you run into any questions or doubts or simply feeling unconfident. Then do get in touch with us and we will get you connected to our Molvi Saab. His guidance will light your path towards successful dua. He will also tell you specific things about performing dua accurately and how to remove doubt from your heart while performing any dua so that it’s more effective.

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  • Assalamualaikum , i am from bangladesh. i want to send proposal for the person i like.. for this i wan to try this amal first..but in this amal which surah i have to read 13 times and which surah’s 9 verse i have read??? plz help me to get my desired life…

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